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A CMMS Solution Provides Cost-Savings And Increases ROI

June 2019

Are you facing the challenge of trying to get decision makers to see that investing in a CMMS solution provides cost-saving opportunities and increases Return On Investment (ROI)?

When decision makers realize how maintenance inefficiencies, such as equipment downtime and overtime labor have cost them, it’s easy to see that CMMS saves money and is a worthwhile investment. Read more….

BioBiomedical Company Uses eWorkOrders For PM Management & Detailed Reports

June 2019

Customer Challenge:  Biomedical company was looking for a solution to help them manage their field services Preventive Maintenance (PM) and repairs of medical equipment and generate detailed reports of equipment by site.

Success Solution:  With eWorkOrders, the client felt the software was very user-friendly and would help them to easily:

• Manage PM schedules 
• Take control over spot buy purchases
• Improve processes from managing assets
• Create checklists to help them manage inspections
• Generate detailed reports on each piece of equipment
• Technicians can manage work orders through a computer or mobile device
• Pictures can be uploaded and attached to work orders

Walking through the demonstration the customer saw the advantages of eWorkOrders CMMS solution. Having everything in one database would help them to better manage PM schedules, increase asset lifespan, reduce costs and be prepared for inspections.


Advantages Of Integrating CMMS And Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology

June 2019

The integration of CMMS and GIS provides users a more powerful tool with the ability to quickly locate geographically dispersed assets and work orders. Organizations benefit from work orders containing additional asset location data along with the normal maintenance information. CMMS GIS allows users to query and analyze information on infrastructure assets based on their specific location and relationships to other features. Learn more…..

Advantages Of eWorkOrders CMMS Predictive Maintenance Solution

June 2019

eWorkOrders CMMS Predictive Maintenance solution empowers organizations with additional tools to create more accurate predictions on when a piece of equipment will require maintenance or replacement. Lean what CMMS Predictive Maintenance can do for your organization…..

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Retail Manufacturer Manages Parts Inventory With eWorkOrders

June 2019

Customer Challenge:  Retail manufacturer\distributor is looking for a good inventory management solution that would help them manage their parts inventory. Managing a large facility with a huge amount of parts inventory has now become challenging and not efficient using spreadsheets.

Success Solution:  eWorkOrders CMMS Inventory Management module was able to:

• Automate a lot of their current processes and eliminate spreadsheets.
• Provide them with more accurate data.
• No need to shut down the stock room to perform cycle counting as all counts are date and time stamped.
• With handheld computers with barcode scanners, the job of controlling and tracking the flow of materials in and out of the stock room was streamlined and provided more accurate information.

CMMS Software Brings Value To Any Organization

June 2019

eWorkOrders in an Industry Leader in providing Computerized Maintenance Management System software to any size organization across all industries. We don’t’ just provide software, but we take the time to understand our customer needs and requirements and help them implement a cost-effective CMMS solution that exceeds their expectations.

Some of the benefits include:

• Hosted by eWorkOrders, so a company can save its IT resources
• No software to install and no hardware to purchase
• Better customer service, as users can submit/check work order requests online easily
• Lower costs in the long run with the preventive maintenance feature (e.g., replacing equipment less often)
• Easy-to-use interface with short implementation
• Access eWorOrders anytime, anywhere from a computer or mobile device

Read more about the benefits that eWorkOrders can bring to your organization and industry….

eWorkOrders CMMS Helps Data Centers Run At Peak Performance

June 2019

Data Centers face the growing demand for hosting critical business data.  Downtime costs time and money!  It is important to have a reliable, cost-effective and flexible CMMS software solution to keep Property, Plant, and Equipment operating at peak performance.

Click here to read what eWorkOrders CMMS Software Solution can bring to your Data Center!

Pipeline Inspection Company – Asset Management Made Easy With A CMMS Software Solution

June 2019

Customer Challenge:  The company does pipeline inspections for sewers/municipalities. They were looking for a system that was cost-effective and easy to implement. They want the system to help them manage: assets, asset history, work orders, maintenance requests, reporting and they don’t have any mobile access.

Success Solution:  Not having mobile access, it was important that information was updated as quickly as possible. We walked them through the various tools that would help them improve their current processes and manage the applications that they were looking for. They saw a huge benefit in the work order feature giving multiple employees access to update and store all of their information into one work order. A big plus was the comprehensive list of reports that gave them the ability to manage and transfer their data into meaningful reports. As we walked them through the features and implementation process, they could see the benefits of using eWorkOrders CMMS software solution to manage their assets.


A Leader in Water Resource Management Uses eWorkOrders To Streamline Processes

June 2019

Customer Challenge:  Wastewater treatment facilities face a lot of challenges such as keeping up with compliance regulations, aging equipment, outdated technology and rising energy costs. With a growing customer base that spreads across the United States, managing individual customer facility projects, keeping track of assets, work orders, spare parts and ensuring that the technical team has all the necessary manuals and documents was a major challenge. They were working with various systems, which required entering data several times into numerous systems, with a great possibility of errors being introduced during the transfer of the data. This way of doing business was inefficient and time-consuming.

Success Solution:  Read the customer success story on how eWorkOrders exceeded this customer’s expectation.  Read more….

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