Application Programming Interface (API)

API Integration
Seamless Connection to Hardware and Software

Organizations seeking to create interoperability between internal apps and other data exchange tools are increasingly turning to application programming interfaces (APIs) to manage the flow of information between systems. eWorkOrders allows users to fully leverage their CMMS by integrating it with any hardware device or software application in the cloud through our API (Application Programming Interface). Whether importing data directly from machine sensors or exporting data, our platform allows you to unlock the full power of your business assets and infrastructure.

The biggest obstacle facing data integration is the
lack of consistency in data formats

Application Programming Interface (API)

What is an application programming interface?

  • An API is an interface that allows unrelated software programs to communicate with one another. They act as bridges between two applications, allowing data to flow regardless of how each application was originally designed.

Benefits of API

  • For applications that function by pulling a constant stream of data from one or more sources, an API is especially important to decrease development time, save storage space on endpoint devices, and overcome any differences in the standards or programming languages used to create the data that lives at either end of the data bridge.
  • Businesses today use many applications and require them to be integrated, so that business processes as a whole perform seamlessly.
  • Business applications store redundant data and tend to implement the redundant functionality. Using the eWorkOrders API, businesses can access the data directly and eliminate redundancy.
  • An API can automate the tasks and synchronize between your systems.