Asset Reservation Requests

Equipment can be expensive, and being able to keep track of them and having them available when you need them can be challenging. It is even more challenging to keep track of when commonly used rooms are available. It’s important to be able to systemize when they can be used.

eWorkOrders Asset Reservations Requests gives organizations the ability to control and manage the use of assets more effectively. This means that you will always know if you have the equipment or rooms available for upcoming projects or events. Through our easy to use web-based portal, you can easily reserve or view where your assets are and ensure that you can always have them ready for your projects. Using our reservation system you can always be assured that the assets you need are available for your project. During the time that an employee has an asset reserved, nobody else will be able to make a reservation for the same asset or room as long as the reservation time has been approved by management. 

What are Asset Reservation Requests?

eWorkOrders Reservation Request feature is an online process that will quickly organize the distribution of your assets. The Asset Reservation feature gives users the ability to reserve assets or rooms for specific time frames. This gives you and your staff the ability to have assets available when you need them while blocking out other requests and eliminating conflicts. 

Asset Reservation Process

Users can assess the form from a computer, Smartphone or mobile device 24/7.

Once a request has been received, a confirmation will be sent to the requestor so that the requester will be sure about the requested time. Additionally, management will be able to view all requests and approve or disapprove as needed.  

An Asset reservation calendar that is viewable from the request or management page will give users the ability to view requests in real-time.

Reservation Request Features

  • Online reservation request to reserve equipment, rooms, and more.
  • Check the availability of assets.
  • Real-time and asset-specific calendar to view the times that your asset will be in use.
  • Update or cancel reservations at any time right from the reservation module.

Asset Reservation Benefits

  • More control over who is using assets, tools, and equipment.
  • Better control over expensive and high-priced equipment.
  • More opportunity for usage of costly equipment.
  • Better planning of asset usage.
  • Notes can be added to the request form.
  • Better management of preventive maintenance planning.
  • Using a system of reserving assets helps you keep detailed records on each of your assets.
  • GPS Asset Mapping capability provides you with a visual of the asset and where it is located.

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