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Experience a seamless and hassle-free approach to purchasing, organizing, and utilizing your inventory with eWorkOrders’ comprehensive parts and inventory management features. With our user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly manage your inventory, ensuring that you have access to the correct parts precisely when you need them, all while maintaining cost-efficiency. At eWorkOrders, we understand the importance of inventory control and have designed our system to simplify the entire process, empowering you to optimize your inventory management with ease and confidence.

What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management software, also known as spare parts inventory, is a crucial tool for organizations, allowing them to meticulously track the inflow and outflow of stock, ensuring they meet customer demands without suffering the costs of overstocking or the detrimental consequences of stockouts. This software exerts a significant impact on various vital aspects of a business, encompassing accounting, production, warehouse management, procurement, sales, and customer service.

What is Materials Management?

Materials management is the strategic handling of materials and parts to ensure timely availability, cost-effective procurement, and efficient use in an organization’s operations. It involves inventory control, vendor management, and supply chain coordination to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Materials Management vs Inventory Management

Materials management focuses on the efficient and cost-effective handling of specific parts and materials required for maintenance tasks, ensuring timely availability. Inventory management, on the other hand, encompasses the broader management of all stocked goods within an organization, including raw materials, finished products, and maintenance-related items, with a focus on optimizing stock levels, reducing costs, and minimizing waste.

Top Inventory Management Features for Seamless Operations

When it comes to managing your inventory efficiently, having the right set of features in your inventory management system can make all the difference. Here’s a breakdown of the key features you can expect::

Inventory Management

Inventory Control: Simplify the management of products in your warehouse.  

Inventory Management: Manage the entire lifecycle of your inventory, from the warehouse and distribution to other destinations. 

Inventory Tracking: Keep tabs on your products and materials throughout the supply chain.

Parts Replacement Tracking: With our automated creation of part replacement lists within work orders, you maintain a dynamic record of all part changes for a specific piece of equipment, ensuring seamless tracking and management of inventory.

Barcode Inventory

Inventory Barcoding: Eliminate data entry errors and enhance inventory accuracy with barcoding software.

Inventory Alerts: Stay ahead of the game with inventory alerts that minimize waste, optimize financials, and manage customer expectations. 

Vendor Management: Simplify vendor-related information, costs, and supplies within your CMMS software.

Parts Managment

Materials Management:
Track materials ordered in terms of when they were ordered, their shipping status, delivery dates, and associated costs.

Purchase Returns: Easily manage inventory returns, avoiding wastage of expensive materials.  

Inventory Returns & Waste Avoidance:
Effortlessly handle leftover materials from jobs by entering them into the system and updating inventory levels to prevent waste.


KPIsInventory Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Leverage inventory KPIs to track and manage inventory effectively, improve purchasing, boost productivity, manage cash flow, and enhance profitability

With these robust features, eWorkOrders’ CMMS software ensures your inventory management is hassle-free, efficient, and optimized to meet your business needs.

Benefits of eWorkOrders Inventory Management Software

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User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy an intuitive interface that requires minimal training, ensuring your team can easily adapt without the need for extensive support or documentation.

Streamlined Operations: Embrace automation features that streamline your inventory management processes, reducing manual intervention and associated errors. 

Data Accuracy: Rely on a secure and dependable database that provides real-time data accuracy

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Enhanced Performance: Experience optimal system performance, facilitating swift inventory monitoring and control for faster response times. 

Scalability: Easily adapt to your business’s evolving needs.  

Efficiency Boost: Seamlessly integrate software and automate tasks to minimize manual inventory updates and data input, increasing overall operational efficiency.   

Benefits of eWorkOrders Materials Management Solution

One of the toughest challenges for managers is developing and implementing a cost-effective system to manage parts and materials effectively. With eWorkOrders CMMS software, you can streamline your materials management process, ensuring that you have the right parts and materials when you need them. Here’s how eWorkOrders can help: 

Work Order Importance

Effortless Tracking: Easily track materials used on your work orders, ensuring you have real-time visibility into inventory consumption.

Asset Part Usage Monitoring: Easily monitor and log the usage of parts on your assets, allowing for precise tracking and maintenance planning.

Vendor Management: Manage your vendors and the items you typically use, facilitating smoother procurement processes.

Purchase Orders: Generate purchase orders with vendor and/or customer pricing for items needed on your work orders, ensuring accurate cost tracking.  

Maintenance Management

Catalog Creation: Create a searchable catalog of commonly used items for quickly filling in a work order or making spot buys, saving time and effort.

Invoice Tracking: Track vendor invoices and spot buys to record all costs against work orders and assets, providing comprehensive financial accountability.

Departmental Accountability: Enhance accountability within departments and materials management, ensuring efficient resource allocation. 

Centralized Solution: eWorkOrders CMMS software provides a centralized materials management solution accessible through web-based software on your computer, smartphone, and tablet.’

Ad-hoc, Spot Buys, or Unexpected Purchases

In maintenance operations, unforeseen circumstances and urgent needs often require ad-hoc, spot buys, or unexpected purchases. eWorkOrders CMMS software is equipped to handle such scenarios efficiently. It allows you to quickly create purchase orders for urgent material requirements, ensuring that maintenance processes continue smoothly without delays. Whether it’s a critical replacement part or an unforeseen maintenance demand, eWorkOrders empowers you to address these situations with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is inventory control for spare parts?

Inventory control for spare parts is the meticulous management of maintenance, repair, and operations stock. It encompasses fine-tuning stock levels, predicting demand, overseeing suppliers, monitoring inventory, and curbing costs to guarantee availability while mitigating surplus inventory and expenses. The cornerstone of this process lies in continuous improvement, enabling adaptability to evolving demand trends and the optimization of operational efficiency.

What is CMMS Spare Parts Inventory?

A CMMS for spare parts inventory serves as a centralized hub for managing maintenance-related stock efficiently. By automating processes and consolidating data, it aids in maintaining optimal stock levels, tracking usage and replenishment needs, and fostering effective supplier relationships. With features like barcode scanning, inventory categorization, and robust reporting capabilities, CMMS modules empower better decision-making and enhance maintenance operations’ efficiency.

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