Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filtering: Tailor Your CMMS to Your Unique Needs

Advanced Filtering CMMS

Maintenance teams have diverse responsibilities across different locations, departments, and work types. That’s why eWorkOrders offers powerful advanced filtering capabilities to help you customize your CMMS and focus on what matters most.

Benefits of Advanced Filtering

Permanent Location-Based Filters

Establish permanent filters that restrict user access and visibility based on physical location. Users can only see and interact with CMMS data (work orders, assets, etc.) that are within their assigned geographic areas or regions.

Granular Access Control

Grant or deny users access to specific CMMS areas, departments, or locations based on their roles and responsibilities. This ensures maintenance personnel can only view and manage the assets, work orders, and tasks relevant to their assigned areas of responsibility.

Personalized Assignment Lists

Create advanced assignment lists that automatically distribute CMMS work orders to the appropriate maintenance technicians based on factors l such as department, city, or manager. This streamlines task allocation and ensures the right people are assigned the right work.

Hierarchical Visibility

Set up CMMS user permissions that align with the organizational hierarchy. Managers can access and oversee the work of their direct reports, while individual contributors are limited to viewing and managing their own assigned tasks and assets.

Filtered Reporting and Analytics

Generate CMMS reports and analytics that are scoped to specific geographic regions, sites, or departments. This allows maintenance leaders to focus on the data most relevant to their areas of responsibility, improving decision-making and resource allocation.

Specialized Filtering by Work Type

Empower your maintenance team to quickly identify and address the most pressing issues by enabling them to filter CMMS data based on specific work types.

eWorkOrders Powerful Advanced Filtering for Maintenace Teams

eWorkOrders’ advanced filtering capabilities provide maintenance teams with a highly customizable CMMS experience. By tailoring access, visibility, and reporting to each user’s needs, eWorkOrders helps organizations optimize their maintenance processes and ensure data integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can advanced filtering in a CMMS benefit my maintenance team?

Advanced filtering allows maintenance teams to customize their CMMS to focus on what matters most to them. It ensures that users only see and interact with data relevant to their assigned areas of responsibility, improving efficiency and preventing errors.

Can you provide examples of how permanent location-based filters work in a CMMS?

Permanent location-based filters restrict user access and visibility based on physical locations such as buildings, floors, or geographic regions. For instance, technicians in a manufacturing plant may only see work orders and assets within their production line, while managers have access to data across the entire plant.

How do personalized assignment lists streamline task allocation in a CMMS?

Personalized assignment lists automatically distribute work orders to the appropriate technicians based on factors like building location, specialty, shift, workload, or manager preferences. This ensures that tasks are assigned efficiently and to the most qualified personnel, saving time and improving overall team productivity.

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