Geographic Information System

Integrating and Optimizing CMMS with
Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology

eWorkOrders CMMS solution integrates Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, which can be used to track assets and work orders.  This is beneficial when you have to manage a high volume of work and responding to a crisis that relies on the geographic information system that can efficiently gather, store, share, manage, analyze, and deliver data on-demand for a streamlined workflow. With the eWorkOrders GIS module, you can streamline inspections and maintenance workflows and implement predictive maintenance strategies.

Integrated Geographic Information System,


  • Track all infrastructure assets: eWorkOrders GIS module is a system of record for all of your infrastructure assets. Users can search for specific assets to add or edit details.
  • Real-time, shared web map: Workers in the field can use mobile devices or laptops to view a web map to confirm they’re at the correct location or look up details about infrastructure before starting.
  • Real-time data: Accessing data in real-time helps reduce error and redundancy. There is no delay in the timeliness of the information provided.
  • Assets Locator:  Review and display maps based on proximity or running a query.  

With eWorkOrders CMMS software, you can easily import the assets you need to maintain.  It’s painless and very powerful.


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