Tools Management


Tracking & Management Of Small Tools With eWorkOrders CMMS Asset Management

Everyone knows the importance of tracking and managing the maintenance of expensive assets.  How about the smaller tools that are in the warehouse, sheds, barns or in the back of a truck?  Are you losing money because they are not in your asset inventory?  Not keeping track of small tools over a period of time can cost you a lot of money. The chainsaws, power drills, compressors, tire changers, portable welders, gardening equipment, surveying equipment, wrenches, automotive and truck tools, are very expensive to replace.  They get lost, broken, misplaced, they get borrowed and you wind up buying duplicates because they aren’t available when you need them.  It is time to take action and include the management of these tools into your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS!

eWorkOrders integrates all of your asset management and tracking capabilities into one easy-to-use CMMS software solution that is accessible from anywhere. 


  • Control over assets.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is effective-maintenance_gallery-e1574785234751.png
  • Locate tools quickly.
  • Know where and who has the tools.
  • Reduce expenses.
  • Only stock the tools you need.
  • Put an end to tool duplication.
  • Know the condition of tools.
  • Purchase tools at a more convenient time and at a reasonable price.

Asset Management For Small Tools With CMMS

  • Maintain historical repair data on any tool.
  • Analyze maintenance costs for repairs and replacement.
  • Determine the expected life span of tools.
  • Implement a check-in and checkout process for all tools.
  • Keep track of inventory, equipment location, date and time, and who took it out.
  • Keep accurate counts of small tools.
  • Add photos to document the tool’s condition, and maintenance requirements (for replacement or insurance purposes).
  • eWorkOrders also works with handheld computers with barcode scanners and smart phones with barcode scanner apps to make the job of controlling and tracking the flow of assets in and out of your facility even more convenient.

Extend Asset Life 

  • Include small tools in preventive maintenance plans.
  • Ensure that small tools are working and are in good condition.

Safety and Compliance

  • Documentation that tools are safe to use.
  • Keep records for replacement or insurance purposes.
  • Documentation that employees have been properly trained to use the tools or equipment.


  • Access to asset information from a computer or mobile device.
  • Include pictures on work orders of any broken tool in the field.

eWorkOrders Asset Management System

  • Our CMMS provides users with easy to use tools to manage and track all of your assets large or small.

Tools Management With eWorkOrders

With eWorkOrders companies of any size can track tools along with all of their other assets using a CMMS.  You already have plans on tracking and preventive maintenance for your larger company assets, now is the time to utilize the powerful tools that CMMS can bring to your organization and integrate all of your smaller tools into the same CMMS. Replacing all of those smaller tools is like throwing money down the drain, plus the loss of time to either find the tool or try and replace it.  Let eWorkOrders CMMS software solution help you manage your tools inventory.


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