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CMMS In The Agriculture & Farming Industry
Extending Equipment Life & Managing Operating Costs

The Agricultural and Farming  Industry is a big part of our lives.  They depend on the weather, keeping their complex equipment running at peak performance, managing workers, ensuring that facilities are safe and trying to simplify regulatory compliance in the agriculture industry.  On top of the management of their equipment and facilities, they also have to battle with the competitive market and demanding deadlines.  Managing all of these challenges affects their bottom line.

eWorkOrders CMMS solution streamlines the management of agricultural and farm maintenance routines with a full range of monitoring, scheduling, and preventive maintenance features. 

Work Orders  

A CMMS allows users to generate and manage work orders from anywhere and at any time.  Adding images, updating and adding checklists to work orders are done in real-time.  Managers can oversee employee performance, track and view the status of work orders and assigned tasks and, if necessary, reallocate resources accordingly.Agriculture Maintenance

Improve Equipment ROI                                                                 

  • Streamline ProcessesMaximize ROI on Machinery, Equipment, Facilities, etc.
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Labor Tracking
  • Historical Records and Analysis
  • Control of Operating Costs
  • And More….

Maximize Uptime by Minimizing Unscheduled Downtime

As with all industries, and specifically in the Agriculture & Farming Industry, “time is money”.  Managing processes against the changing weather, demanding deadlines, and equipment downtime are big concerns in this industry.

eWorkOrders CMMS provides the right tools to increase uptime and decrease downtime.  With our Preventive Maintenance module, routine maintenance and employee availability can be scheduled at your convenience.  Adhering to a preventive maintenance schedule identifies any potential issue that can be fixed before it causes significant unplanned downtime.

Spare Parts Inventory

Over purchasing and stale spare parts can take a big bite out of budgets.  It can be very costly to just keep parts in stock sitting on a shelf.  With eWorkOrders inventory module, users can easily see what is in stock, manage inventory orders and returns, know when to reorder and create purchase orders.

Centralized Database

With eWorkOrders CMMS, your data, documents, manuals, images, drawings, work orders, and other information are safely stored into one centralized database and easily accessible.




Implementing eWorkOrders CMMS Preventive Maintenance into your organization will ensure a safer work environment and reduce the risk of accidents.  Safety training modules can also be incorporated into your program, guaranteeing that operations are performed properly.  Identifying and fixing problems early in the process and scheduling preventive maintenance with safety checklists can greatly reduce the potential of injury and accidents.  Checking for obstacles and hazards regularly makes for a safer facility and workspace and will keep you ready for inspections and audits.


eWorkOrders CMMS is accessible from a computer or mobile device at any time from anywhere.  With real-time updates, you will always know the status of work orders, inventory levels, worker schedules, etc.

Regulatory Compliance 

Throughout the Agriculture and Farming Industries and including food production, there are many regulations. Whether its aquaculture, dairy farming, livestock and poultry, crop production and organic farming, regulatory rules can apply to the growing of fields, nurseries, greenhouses, forestry, water provisions and runoff, farm facilities, fuel and  equipment, buildings, construction and renovation, pesticide and other chemical handling, air emissions, and wastes.  Trying to maintain and report on this information can be labor-intensive and challenging when only using paper or Excel.

eWorkOrders CMMS gives users reliable scheduling tools to easily track their maintenance and allocate resources accordingly.  Users can store and retrieve historical records. Having such a comprehensive system to manage all of these regulatory concerns allows agriculture professionals to focus on the work at hand, rather than getting bogged down trying to find the paperwork and history.


These are just a few of the features that eWorkOrders CMMS can provide in helping agriculture professionals achieve their goals and objectives, minimize downtime, expand equipment life, prepare for regulatory inspections, improve safety, increase efficiency, productivity, and save money.

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