Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

Water & Wastewater Plant Maintenance Software
Drives Productivity

eWorkOrders CMMS software helps you maintain wastewater collection and processing equipment along with infrastructure, pump stations, force mains, and sewers.  All this along with managing your labor and materials are essential parts of the proper management of a treatment system.  Communities across the United States are working to find cost-effective, long-term approaches to managing their wastewater infrastructure and preventing the problems that lead to sanitary sewer overflows.

Preventive MaintenanceWater-And-Sewer-CMMS

Effective preventive maintenance programs are essential to the success of your operation. Our software allows you to schedule preventive maintenance based on date, run hours, or mileage; giving you the power to craft the perfect maintenance schedule for each of your individual pieces of equipment. Using eWorkOrders CMMS software for treatment facilities offers an easy way to view and manage open work orders, upcoming preventive maintenance, and ongoing maintenance tasks to help facility managers stay updated and on track.

Extend the Life of Equipment

eWorkOrders is designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of equipment by automating all maintenance activities. Schedule preventive maintenance and trigger notifications to keep facility managers and field technicians aware and updated on important tasks. With our mobile access, this allows technicians to access their assigned work, record the time taken, add notes, update asset information, locate inventory, issue replacement parts and submit their order requests. Early identification of potential failures and faulty parts ensures timely maintenance and extends the longevity of infrastructure equipment.


eWorkOrders CMMS asset management software with mobile computing makes it much easier to avoid hassles and stay compliant. Water and wastewater utilities can leverage our asset management software to keep a constant check on their vital equipment and to configure customized reports for year-end reporting.

Access On-the-Go from your Mobile Device

eWorkOrders powerful suite of features is accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer for the ultimate convenience. Scan an asset barcode to instantly pull up asset details, repair history, replacement parts, take a picture of the repair, and create the work order while you’re in the field and on the job. It is that quick an easy!

One of the biggest advantages of eWorkOrders software is that it gives insights into operations, empowering facility managers to organize, manage, and monitor every asset and process in the most efficient and timely manner. It automates task and frees up additional time so that facility managers can shift their focus from tracking work order logistics to reducing costs and improving efficiency.