eWorkOrders SecurityScorecard Cybersecurity Defense

Cybersecurity Program

eWorkOrders has an ongoing effort to maintain the security of our systems and our customer’s data.  We have utilized a third party, SecurityScorecard to analyze and continuously rate how well prepared we are at preventing cyber-attacks.

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved a perfect SecurityScorecard score of 100 on their scale of 0 – 100.  This includes perfect scores in the categories listed below.

Amazingly, nearly every direct competitor of ours does not recognize the importance of cybersecurity and hold a D or an F in the Application Security category!

eWorkOrders Top Security
eWorkOrders Top Security
eWorkOrders Security HighestNETWORK SECURITY
Detecting insecure network settings
eWorkOrders Security HighestDNS HEALTH
Detecting DNS insecure configurations and vulnerabilities
eWorkOrders Security HighestPATCHING CADENCE
Out of date company assets which may contain vulnerabilities
eWorkOrders Security HighestENDPOINT SECURITY
Measuring security level of employee workstations
eWorkOrders Security HighestIP REPUTATION
Detecting suspicious activity, such as malware or spam, within your company network
eWorkOrders Security HighestAPPLICATION SECURITY
Detecting common website application vulnerabilities
eWorkOrders Security HighestCUBIT SCORE
Proprietary algorithms checking for implementation of common security best practices
eWorkOrders Security HighestHACKER CHATTER
Monitoring hacker sites for chatter about your company
eWorkOrders Security HighestINFORMATION LEAK
Potentially confidential company information which may have been inadvertently leaked
eWorkOrders Security HighestSOCIAL ENGINEERING
Measuring company awareness to a social engineering or phishing attack
CMMS Security

Security-related analyses, including ratings, and statements in the Content of this document are statements of opinion of relative future security risks of entities as of the date they are expressed, and not statements of current or historical fact as to safety of transacting with any entity, recommendations regarding decision to do business with any entity, endorsements of the accuracy of any of the data or conclusions or attempts to independently assess or vouch for the security measures of any entity. SECURITYSCORECARD PARTIES DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, (1) ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE, (2) ACCURACY, RESULTS, TIMELINESS AND COMPLETENESS, (3) FREEDOM FROM BUGS, SOFTWARE ERRORS AND DEFECTS, (4) THAT THE CONTENT’S FUNCTIONING WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED AND (5) THAT THE CONTENT WILL OPERATE WITH ANY SOFTWARE OR HARDWARE CONFIGURATION.

The views and opinions expressed in any comment in this Company’s Scorecard are those of the authors of such comments, and do not reflect the official policy, position  or views of SecurityScorecard or any other entity.