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eWorkOrders CMMS/EAM Core Features

Work Orders

Increase Work Order Completion

eWorkOrders CMMS software solution provides all of the tools and important information to help maintenance teams accomplish tasks, submit and manage work orders, assign assets and documents, track maintenance requests, etc.  CMMS software increases on-time work completion, improves workflow efficiency, keeps track of project due dates, and more. Read more…


Asset Management

Extend Asset Lifespan

CMMS is also known as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).  CMMS/EAM helps organizations manage their maintenance operations, resources, equipment, control costs and increase overall productivity.  eWorkOrders gives you the ability to track the entire asset lifecycle, costs and warranty information. Read more…


Preventive Management

Streamline Maintenance Operations

A CMMS provides organizations with the tools to generate and prioritize work orders, schedules, and resources to perform routine/planned equipment maintenance. The eWorkOrders CMMS software solution is designed to simplify, streamline, automate and organize maintenance operations tasks to reduce costs, minimize downtime and maximize uptime. Read more…


Service Requests

Improve Customer Satisfaction

eWorkOrders CMMS Service Requests interface provides users with a user-friendly way to submit maintenance requests 24/7 from anywhere.  Users have the ability to monitor the progress of their requests as maintenance workers complete repairs.  The automatic assignment of work orders reduces phone calls, emails, and disruptions to maintenance teams. Read more…

 Worker using Cloud based EAM CMMS in factory 

Materials Management

More Control Over Vendors & Materials

eWorkOrders Materials Management gives users visibility across their entire organization on tracking of materials usage, costs, vendors, and more. Organizations can manage parts and materials used on work orders, cross-reference materials to vendors, equipment, etc. Users have the ability to run detailed reports to help identify inefficiencies for improvement. Read more…


Labor/Time Management

Track Work Order Time

CMMS gives you more in-depth insights on how work orders are being managed from start to completion.  eWorkOrders powerful CMMS features makes it easy to track workers across job sites and get a better understanding of how time is being spent.  Our comprehensive reports give managers the ability to analyze past work orders for any asset you have. Read more…


Data Imports

Easily Import Existing Data

We provide users with the support and tools for the easy import of existing maintenance data into their eWorkOrders CMMS.  Our team will work with you to review your data, create a mapping plan with the appropriate fields, and be with you every step of the way through the data importation to minimize transitional downtime.  Our process saves a lot of hours of entering data and helps reduce errors.



Never Miss A Task

Managing Maintenance Checklists through a CMMS ensures that important tasks have not been overlooked and work has properly been completed.  With CMMS maintenance checklists you can manage and monitor your technicians’ and service providers’ work.  With eWorkOrders CMMS you can easily attach checklists to work orders and preventive maintenance plans and close them out from anywhere at any time.   Read more…


eWorkOrders CMMS/EAM Advanced Features

Mobile Maintenance

Maintenance Management On-The-Go

eWorkOrders CMMS Mobile solution gives the on-the-go users access to their CMMS data from anywhere at any time.  Through the CMMS user-friendly interface, managers can change priorities and notify users of changes in real-time, create, update and closeout work orders, upload images, retrieve information and documents all from a computer or mobile device.  Read more….


Document Management

Easy Access To All Your Documents

eWorkOrders CMMS Document Management solution provides users with end-to-end management of documents, images, manuals, and all other important documents related to their assets.  Our automated document management storage system enables teams to access essential information about their assets, facility and maintenance processes at any time from anywhere.  Read more…


Inventory Management

Reduce Expenses & Improve Productivity

eWorkOrders CMMS provides the tools to effectively manage and control inventory, maintenance repair and operations, supplies used to maintain facilities and assets, and more.  Our cloud-based inventory management helps businesses prioritize and organized inventory, keep facilities running smoothly and make information easily available to every user.   Read more…


Predictive Maintenance

Easy Data Analyzation

eWorkOrders CMMS Predictive Maintenance software solution has tools to help identify trends and detect when an asset has fallen outside of the defined parameters and generate alerts and work orders to ensure that technicians and maintenance teams quickly respond to minimize disruptions in business operations.  Read more….

 eWorkOrders is the #1 Rated CMMS EAM and works on a ruggedized tablet 

Reports, Dashboards & KPIs

Measurements Of Success

eWorkOrders provides the essential reporting tools that give you the power to assemble the data you have been collecting within your CMMS and transform it into reports and dashboards that are meaningful to you and others in your organization.  With the variety of reports and KPI data available, you can get a better understanding of your maintenance operations.  Read more….


eWorkOrders CMMS/EAM 
Enterprise Maintenance Features

GIS Mapping

Comprehensive View Of Your Entire Asset Landscape

eWorkOrders CMMS GIS software solution is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.  With eWorkOrders CMMS you can view mapped visualizations of work orders, assets, and floor plans with the precise location displayed on road or satellite maps.  The CMMS Mapping is accessible through a computer or mobile device.  Read more…


Applications Programming Interface (API)

Interoperability Between Applications

With eWorkOrders CMMS organizations can create interoperability between different applications using our Application Programming Interface (API) to manage the flow of information between systems. Whether importing readings directly from machine sensors or exporting financial data, our CMMS software solution allows you to unlock the full power of your business assets.  Read more…


Signature Capture

Quick Signature Sign-Offs

With eWorkOrders CMMS Signature Capture, users can capture electronic signatures from anywhere at any time.  Get client sign off to begin work or confirmation of work completed satisfactorily. Easily configure the sign offs you need.  Signed authorizations along with other pertinent information is automatically attached to the relevant work order.  Read more…

 Maintenance workers using the mobile work order on the #1 rated cloud based CMMS EAM 

Single Sign-On

One Easy Sign-On Eliminating Numerous Passwords

eWorkOrders CMMS Single Sign-on (SSO) is an authorization tool that gives users the ability to log onto their computer and access their eWorkOrders CMMS data for the entire day through one login.  CMMS Single-sign on simplifies the identification processes and creates a single set of credentials enabling users to transition between multiple services securely and uninterruptedRead more… 


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