Prevent Equipment Failure and Ensure Compliance
With eWorkOrders Web-Based CMMS Software

Bristol Myers Customer Testimonial

No matter what kind of laboratory your research is conducted in, proper facility maintenance is imperative. Equipment must be properly maintained, compliance needs to be tracked for various regulatory and certification agencies and budgets need to be met. eWorkOrders provides a robust full-features asset, work order and inventory management solution that conquers the maintenance challenges of laboratories, clinics and other healthcare organizations. Using eWorkOrders systems will help you ease the burden of laboratory management so you can focus on your research.

Preventive Maintenance

Breakthroughs, scientific, medical or otherwise, can’t be made without equipment performing properly. eWorkOrders software includes customizable inspection checklists that you can apply to the numerous microscopes, centrifuges and freezers to ensure they’re always operating correctly. These checklists can also be used to help implement and track any preventive maintenance strategies you have in place.

Document Compliance for Your Lab

Sophisticated and diverse instrumentation requires tighter tolerances than ever before. Your product quality and process reliability are critical. And your equipment and facilities need to be maintained to the highest standards. To thrive, you have to find better ways to reduce costs, automate your work and collect field data. eWorkOrders makes it easy to track and manage your inventory and assets.


In modern lab environments, real-time reporting and analytics enabling successful lab equipment acquisition, implementation and good technical support is no longer enough. Today’s lab managers, working closely with procurement and facilities, need real-time visibility into device inventory, locations, utilization, availability, compliance and total cost of ownership. The eWorkOrders platform provides real-time operational and analytical data in whatever format you need on demand.

Laboratory Management System

Collect and Share Data Securely and Instantaneously

Share your data securely with groups and tools. Interact in real-time with collaborators in your lab or across the globe for improved operational efficiency. eWorkOrders software gives any person of your choosing; scientists, maintenance workers, administration staff, the ability to submit requests. From service needs and equipment cleanings to supplies requests and deliveries, keep your lab operating smoothly by allowing the appropriate staff members to make their needs known inside our system.

Access On-the-Go from your Mobile Device

Your research is important and that’s why we’ve built a system that eliminates many of the headaches associated with managing your lab. eWorkOrders’ powerful suite of features is accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer for the ultimate convenience. Whatever your management needs may be, eWorkOrders can handle them efficiently.

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