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Prevent Equipment Failures and Lower Maintenance Costs

Managing maintenance for local, state, and federal government agencies can be a challenge. Government agencies are responsible for maintaining a wealth of assets, which need to be current and accurate. eWorkOrders CMMS software is a cost-effective solution to help your government organizations extend the life of your assets, increase transparency and accountability across your entire organization.  eWorkOrders document storage feature allows you to easily upload, store and share your documents and information.  Our software gives your entire organization the tools to better manage and track POs and WOs, assess inventory, schedule preventive maintenance, and more, all from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Building Maintenance, Fleet Management, and Project Tracking

As a government employee, you’re on the frontline in making sure your city, county, or state runs smoothly and efficiently. That’s a big job. From maintaining city buildings and government vehicle fleets to the management of public works projects such as building roads and reservoirs, eWorkOrders helps keep your operation organized and on budget in one intuitive interface.

Preventive Maintenance

There’s a lot riding on public works departments and meeting deadlines while staying on budget is a top priority. But you can’t meet deadlines without your numerous assets operating correctly, and malfunctioning equipment costs money in both repairs and time lost. Our software allows you to establish and schedule a preventive maintenance strategy so your assets are always running at peak performance.

Asset Geolocation and Mapping

Managers will appreciate the interactive map and asset geolocation feature we offer. Any asset, from fire hydrants and signage to elevators and HVAC systems, can be attached to an interactive map. Work orders can then be assigned to each individual asset so you know at a glance what needs to be worked on and its location.

Fleet Management

Do you have a fleet of vehicles under your command? Customizable checklists inside our software allow you to easily track maintenance schedules and inventory spare parts. When was the oil last changed in each vehicle? What about the tires? eWorkOrders knows the answers to these questions as well as the dollar amount of each previous repair. By weighing service history and maintenance costs with new vehicle prices, the decision to repair or replace becomes much easier.

Government CMMS

Regulatory Compliance

Complying with regulatory standards is a challenge many city and county municipalities face. eWorkOrders CMMS software for local government agencies allows departments to quickly produce reports needed for outside regulations. Historical data stored within eWorkOrders ensures the city can provide maintenance records to their insurance company when claims are filed. eWorkOrders CMMS software can help city management stay organized, comply with budgetary standards and maintain detailed records needed for outside authorities.

Convenient Mobile Access

eWorkOrders can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet, or computer; giving you the features you need and the convenience you want. Run your government organization efficiently with the best software solution available.

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