Predictive Maintenance

eWorkOrders CMMS Predictive Maintenance

eWorkOrders Predictive Maintenance Program empowers organizations with additional tools to create more accurate predictions on when a piece of equipment will require maintenance or replacement. Predictive Maintenance is a condition-based maintenance program where assets are monitored with sensor devices that supply the data about the asset’s state. The data is used to predict when the asset will require maintenance or replacement. 

eWorkOrders CMMS software solution will automatically create a work order when it detects that an asset has fallen outside of the defined parameters. Alerts will be sent to the maintenance team to assess and repair the issue. With the alerts being identified and sent to the technicians in real-time, the elimination of extensive downtime is minimized.Dashboards

Objective of Predictive Maintenance

The main objective of Predictive Maintenance is to be able to perform maintenance in advance to avoid asset failure.

Predictive vs. Preventive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance monitors the performance and condition of equipment during normal production operations. Predictive Maintenance estimates the exact moment of a failure, and repairs can be scheduled when necessary. This is a cost-effective approach with minimal impact on production.

Preventive Maintenance tasks are completed based upon a recurring time schedule or a given amount of usage or cycles. A planned and scheduled maintenance routine is put in place to extend the life of assets and reduce downtime. The maintenance is performed on predetermined assumptions, based on manufacturers’ recommendations or history.


• Fewer asset failures result in reduced downtime.
• Reduced total labor time and cost spent on equipment maintenance.
• Automatic insights into your data.
• Control of spare parts inventory.
• Improves worker and environmental safety.
• Increases employee efficiency.
• Increases production and ROI with properly maintained equipment.

Remote Monitoring

Automatically taking readings and entering them into eWorkOrders is possible by connecting an IoT sensor device to your equipment. When conditions fall outside the set parameters, a work order is generated and sent to a technician for an inspection or repair.


Sensor readings can be used to display graphs or export into a spreadsheet for a specific date range. Reports for detailing predictive maintenance work orders and asset history are easily generated.

Additional Expense

Depending on your needs, implementing a Predictive Maintenance Program requires some additional purchase of hardware, such as equipment for monitoring assets: Vibration, Thermography, Oil Analysis or Ultrasonic.

Implementing a Predictive Maintenance Program in your facility requires additional employee training on the use of the equipment and to interpret the analysis.