Case Studies

Customer Case Studies

Over the years, we have implemented eWorkOrders web-based CMMS software globally and across all industries.  Below are some case studies that describe some of the actual applications and business challenges that some of our customers had been encountering before implementation of the eWorkOrders software.  The case studies reflect their experience in the in the setup and accessing eWorkOrders software, working with our team and the final results.

“As a courtesy to our customers, we do not publish their company names,
but the actual case studies with our client names are available upon request.”


Streamlining work-order requests for three leading manufactures, managing products and facilities in one centralized location. The flexibility of the eWorkOrders system gave the company and departmental manager’s new tools to make them more efficient and able to make educated decisions on work request prioritization and effectiveness.  Click here to learn more….

Property Management

A growing Investment firm managing Office, Industrial and International real estate across the continental United States.  Managing numerous locations, vendors and expenses, they need to have a standard collaborative platform that ties all locations and business units into a centralized, easy to use, information portal. eWorkOrders CMMS solution made it easy for them to maintain their properties and helped them to achieve optimal ROI.   Click here to learn more….


Customer using eWorkOrders for maintenance and operations of large commercial airport, resulting in improvements in the airport’s operations and inspections.  Click here to learn more….

Facilities Management

Facilities Contracting Service saves over $150,000 a year in IT services alone with eWorkOrders!  Before the implementation of eWorkOrders, the DTH team was managing multiple systems, with multiple platforms. With the eWorkOrders CMMS solution, they were able to organize and streamline processes, setup preventive maintenance schedules, manage labor costs and work within tight budgets.  Click here to learn more..


Global biopharmaceutical corporation managing maintenance and assets in once centralized location, resulting in cost savings, improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Click here to learn more….

Medical Center

Managing a group of medical facilities 24/7, maintenance plays an important part in maintain a healthy environment, ensuring that the facilities are maintained, clean and safe. eWorkOrders was easy to implement and use, providing our team with instant notification of work-orders, resulting in improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.  Click here to learn more….


Customer is a large Zoo with family attractions and over 1.5 million visitors annually.  The Zoo hosts 2,000 animals and 230 species on their 125+ acers of land.  Being part of the green roadmap called Greenprint, this evolving plan guides their operations and is the plan by which they refine and improve facilities and daily practices, develop new policies and programs and improve green literacy and action in their community.  Click here to learn more…