Management of Camp and Retreat Activities
A Successful Journey to Maintenance Management
With the eWorkOrders CMMS Solution

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Established in 1981, Camp Tejas is a Christian Camp and Retreat Center located on a 160-acre campus in central Texas. Including special events, the camp and retreat center hosts over 25,000 people a year. From maintaining bunkhouses, buildings, equipment, and acres of property filled with outdoor adventure activities and programs, there is a lot to maintain and keep track of to ensure the safety of campers and guests. Keeping things running smoothly, ensuring that areas and equipment are safe, being able to manage work orders, and ensuring that work orders are all being taken care of and responded to quickly is extremely important. Having a system that is reliable, easy to use, accessible from anywhere, and is reasonably priced is a must. Based on research and recommendations from other camps, Camp Tejas implemented the eWorkOrders CMMS solution.

Business Challenge

Mike is the Facilities Director at Camp Tejas, who faces challenges every day in keeping up with everything that needs to be maintained or repaired throughout the campus. Before he implemented the eWorkOrders CMMS solution, he

Camp Testimonial

managed everything through note-taking, frequently writing on the palm of his hand or whatever was convenient to write the message on. When you are managing so many buildings, equipment, and grounds, the risk of overlooking requests for repairs can prove detrimental to the guest experience. Using this disorganized means of managing the property was inefficient and it was easy to forget things. Mike was looking around and talking with other camps to find out what they were using to manage their facilities. Through his research, it was suggested that he look at a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Accordant with recommendations, he contacted Jeff Roscher, the software vendor for eWorkOrders CMMS software. In talking with Jeff, Mike was extremely satisfied with the software features that the eWorkOrders CMMS solution offered, and he also was very impressed with the customer service that was provided by Jeff and the eWorkOrders team.

Camps must be simultaneously fun, clean, and safe for visitors and employees. Grave consequences are likely for not keeping regular maintenance schedules for equipment and vehicles, for not maintaining the site, outdoor recreational features, activities, or when repairs within the property are handled improperly.

Effectively managing all of these tasks can be very time-consuming and expensive. Using eWorkOrders CMMS Web-Based Solution, processes were quickly streamlined and all of their data was incorporated into one centralized system, with access from any computer or mobile device, at a reasonable price.


The implementation was quick and easy. Once eWorkOrders was implemented, Mike sent out an email to the team and everyone got on board quickly. The software has a lot of features to help them streamline maintenance tasks, reduce costs, improve safety and enhance customer satisfaction. Having the recorded training, online help modules and technical support, made it very efficient and easy to train new camp staff. Mike sees that there are a lot of other processes that they can streamline using eWorkOrders, and has recently hired a new employee who is assessing the needs of the camp and will be incorporating additional camp functions using the eWorkOrders CMMS solution.

State Regulations 

Texas Department of Health Services requires water samples to be taken annually and sent to the state for testing along with other documentation. With eWorkOrders, historical records are stored, maintained, and reminders on future inspections are set.


Using eWorkOrders CMMS improved the management and organization of work orders, keeping the camp running more efficiently. eWorkOrders saved time, saved money and empowered people to put work orders in immediately. They were extremely impressed that notifications are sent out in real-time when work orders are completed.

Everyone feels comfortable submitting a request, and the option to use a mobile device made the team more productive.

Having complete control over work orders gives the maintenance manager the ability to prioritize and re-prioritize work orders to be more responsive to urgent requests. The maintenance team loves the fact that actual documents and manuals are attached to work orders, which gives them all of the information they need to repair equipment right on the spot. The ability to take pictures and include them in the work order makes it quick and easy to identify and communicate unsafe areas or issues.

Using eWorkOrders for preventive maintenance helps them keep their equipment up and running and in good shape, and it also gives them the ability to schedule maintenance during a time frame that is convenient with their schedules.  eWorkOrders CMMS solution automated and streamlined processes, while improving efficiency and productivity.

Working with eWorkOrders Team  

Mike’s final comments: “There is nothing negative to say. I only have good things to say about the service. The support that we are given is just incredible. Jeff took the time to work with me to fully understand our needs and came up with a solution that not only met my current requirements but anticipated expansion for growth. The system is so user-friendly and not complicated. With so many features, we are continually looking at our current processes to see how we can improve and streamline more tasks by using the eWorkOrders CMMS solution. I am just amazed at the quality of technical support that we continue to receive from this team.”

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