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Facilities Maintenance Software for Schools and Universities
Reduces Maintenance Costs and Improves Response Time

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Whether you’re an independent learning institute, or a member of a public school or university,  proper school building maintenance and efficient workflow is imperative in making sure that equipment, grounds and technology at your school is up and running on a daily basis. Regardless of the size or geographic footprint of your educational facility, all maintenance departments face similar challenges. Doing more with less, understanding the full scope of the equipment and facilities within your responsibility, developing a plan and reducing deferred maintenance costs are your daily challenges.  eWorkOrders provides customers the tools to manage their assets more efficiently and is an affordable and accessible maintenance solution for your entire organization.

Reduce Spending and Build a Better Learning EnvironmentEducational Facilities schools

From kindergartens to college campuses, the future is shaped by thy learning institutions. But improper management of these educational facilities can quickly hamper their effectiveness. From minimizing unnecessary spending to helping foster a welcoming environment for both staff members and students, eWorkOrders helps your school run smoothly.

Powerful Service Requests

When work needs to be done, eWorkOrders allows anyone of your choosing; teachers, administrators, students, etc., to quickly submit the service request. Our software also provides duplicate checking measures in order to prevent wasting time on unnecessary requests. When a request is submitted, it’s easy to automatically dispatch the appropriate workers or have an administrator review it and schedule the work with in-house staff or outside contractors.


To promote safety and the comfort of your institution’s students, eWorkOrders gives requesters the ability to see photos of the workers scheduled to perform maintenance. By ensuring that staff and students know what and who to expect, you’ll ease anxiety and help foster a more productive learning environment.

Mobile Access

Our software provides educational facility managers and workers an interactive map that can be populated with assets and accessed on any smartphone, tablet or computer. From classrooms to sports fields, fitness facilities, and dining rooms, the assets in every location you oversee are viewable as are any open work orders. Now you can know at a glance, what needs to be worked on and at what location.