Service Request Interface

Improve Productivity – Increase Workflow
Create and Execute Service Requests Quickly

 With eWorkOrders your customers can enter and initiate service requests and monitor the progress of their requests as workers complete repairs.  eWorkOrders CMMS Service Request Interface helps teams communicate with requesters as well as automate progress updates as work and repairs are being completed.

Easy AccessService Request Interface CMMS

  • Real-time communications with 24/7 access.
  • The customers that you service can enter their own service requests through the Customer Web Request Module.
  • Customers can also use this module to check the status of a service request. They can see who has worked on a request, when they performed the work, and how much time was spent. This saves you time by eliminating many annoying phone calls asking about the status of a request.
  • A very user-friendly interface allows your customers to select from a menu of services that you offer.
  • There is no need for requesters to have user ids or passwords unless you prefer that option.

Automatic Routing

  • Requests are assigned a tracking number and are automatically routed to the appropriate service provider/employee for immediate action.
  • Each time a customer returns to the site their contact and location information will automatically be filled out so that it only takes a few seconds to create a new request.
  • These new requests will be immediately available through the work orders and reporting modules.

Customer Notification

  • Your customers can also be notified via email when notes are added to a request and when the request is completed.
  • Requesters can use this section to provide feedback about the work performed. This is a great way to address opportunities for improvement and to recognize outstanding performers.
  • There is no need for requesters to have user ids or passwords, unless you prefer that option.

Our software is also highly configurable and can be customized to your industry’s specific requirements and your company’s unique workflow. Various aspects of your processes can then be automated to your preferences.