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In the field of property management, you need to manage both the properties you own and the people who lease from you. This requires two very different, but equally important skill sets. Our software makes the balancing act a breeze with 24/7, automated communication features, mobile platform capabilities and access to customizable checklists. From residential and HOAs, to commercial and warehousing properties, eWorkOrders helps you better manage each building under your command and the people who occupy them.

Communicate Clearly

Keeping your tenants happy and reducing turnover is a critical component of the property management industry. Your renters want the assurance of quick response times and well-maintained premises and won’t stick around if they don’t get it. That’s why the eWorkOrders tenant portal is available 24/7 and includes automated communication features. Our secure, interface allows tenants to easily login and submit service requests as well as view property handbooks and other necessary information. And since this tenant portal is separate from the rest of our CMMS software, you won’t have to maintain a database of requesters!PennMutual Real Estate Testimonial

Ensure Compliance and Minimize Turnover

Interactive checklists are an important feature inside eWorkOrders and can be used to guarantee all inspection requirements are met. By allowing our software to track which properties are in full compliance and which are in need of servicing, you’ll ensure you’re always in compliance with state and federal laws and never at risk of expensive fines or lawsuits.  Checklists can also be used to assist the turnover process by allowing you to quickly identify problems and resolve them in less time.

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Maintain Organization

If you own and/or operate multiple properties, organization is paramount. With eWorkOrders, you can group properties together by type, location or manager and create detailed reports that reflect these groupings. Each of your managers will also have visibility of all technicians on their team and know at a glance which are available to respond to a call.

On-The-Go Accessibility

Our software is accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer for your convenience. Satisfy your tenants and stay organized with the eWorkOrders property management solution.

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