Stay Organized, Maintain Equipment and Pass Inspections

The restaurant industry operates at breakneck speed. If your establishment isn’t well organized, properly maintained, and ready for any surprise inspection or audit, you won’t be able to keep doing what you love – serving food to hungry diners. eWorkOrders is the simple solution to better maintaining your expensive kitchen equipment, handling service requests and preventive maintenance programs, and ensuring compliance with every law in your state.

Preventive Maintenance

Industrial refrigerators and commercial kitchen ranges aren’t cheap. And the malfunctioning of these units not only represents a substantial cost in repairs, but also a potential increase in lost food products and lost hours. eWorkOrders makes it easy to implement a preventive maintenance strategy so your most valuable assets last longer and waste is kept to a minimum. KFC Testimonial

Simple Service Requests

Even with top of the line equipment and routine maintenance schedules, things break down. It’s just part of the business. When this happens, the restaurant that can get back up and running the fastest wins. That’s why we’ve made submitting and responding to service requests as simple as possible. Report on malfunctioning equipment in just a few clicks and know at a glance its repair status.

Stay Compliant and Pass Inspections

Do you dread inspections and audits? With eWorkOrders, you don’t have to. Our software allows you to create intuitive, customizable checklists to ensure you continually meet all requirements and pass each inspection with flying colors. Necessary documentation such as safety manuals and management reports are also easily accessible and securely stored inside our system. Don’t let disorganization or the fear of inspections slow you down.

Convenient Mobile Accessibility

Whether you manage the neighborhood’s favorite local eatery or a chain of national restaurants, eWorkOrders can help you do it better. And since our application is accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer, it’s incredibly convenient, too. Focus on the flavors coming out of your kitchen, not the tools you use to run your business.

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