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Our customer is a national leader in water reclamation and reuse innovation.  They currently operate over 200 systems across the United States, including the largest base of reuse and natural treatment systems.  Their approach offers clients fully integrated and cost-effective solutions that incorporate award-winning innovations in system design.  They have built the unique capability to structure a full range of design, build, operations, and ownership project solutions.  Their reputation has been built on best-in-class execution capability and on long-term, shared value partnerships with the people and communities they serve.

Business Challenge

Wastewater treatment facilities face a lot of challenges such as keeping up with compliance regulations, aging equipment, outdated technology, and rising energy costs.  With a growing customer base that spreads across the United States, managing individual customer facility projects, keeping track of assets, work orders, spare parts, and ensuring that the technical team has all the necessary manuals and documents was a major challenge.  They were working with various systems, which required entering data several times into numerous systems, with a great possibility of errors being introduced during the transfer of the data.  This way of doing business was inefficient and time-consuming.

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Implementation of eWorkOrders

At the time of implementation, without a dedicated person to manage the system, they got it up and running quickly.  Everyone found the system very easy to use and the field technicians and engineers loved it.


Their initial interest in the eWorkOrders CMMS solution was to manage and track customer facility projects.  Once they started working with the eWorkOrders CMMS system, they realized that the system was packed with a lot of additional features that could help them streamline their operational processes, manage spare parts and a lot more.

With eWorkOrders, they were able to easily manage their processes and integrate their data from the various systems into the CMMS platform.  They can now easily track pertinent customer data and manage their facilities more efficiently.  They use their eWorkOrders CMMS solution as a project management tool for tracking projects, work orders, storing proposals, etc.  They even integrated their accounting system, with the ability to invoice customers for parts, etc.

Using eWorkOrders, they increased productivity and minimized errors!  Having everything stored in one centralized location has streamlined processes, giving them the ability to run reports, maintain dashboards and allow everyone to view and access current, accurate information anytime from anywhere.

As the customer continued to work with the eWorkOrders CMMS solution, they realized that this was a powerful – feature-rich – robust software package.  They assessed their business functions and found that they could utilize a lot more of the CMMS features, and still today, they continue to improve current processes and tasks.


They were looking for a centralized, easy-to-use system to help manage their assets and customer facilities and found out that there was so much more they could do with eWorkOrders CMMS software.  They also now have the ability to:

• Manage data and store crucial information.
• Managed time and materials for all of the various projects throughout the US.
• Manage the parts inventory and generate invoices to the appropriate customer.
• Provide an accurate picture of the organization’s present status and maintenance processes.
• Easily keep track of important information and meet all regulatory compliance issues for each customer’s project.

They feel that “eWorkOrders CMMS solution has been a blessing for our field technicians and engineers.  With the ability to track maintenance issues, check spare parts inventory and be able to retrieve documents and manuals from anywhere, has increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved efficiency.”

“We highly recommend eWorkOrders to anyone looking for an affordable, feature-rich CMMS software solution!”

*As a courtesy to our customers, we do not publish their company names, but the actual case studies are available upon request. 

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