Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Auto Parts Maintenance Management Streamlined Through
eWorkOrders CMMS Software Solution

A large US-based auto industry manufacturer that supplies a wide variety of auto and industrial parts and supplies was looking for a more efficient way to manage their maintenance department.  Using the eWorkOrders CMMS software, they streamlined processes and improved communications between their maintenance department.

Honda Testimonial

Business Challenge

The most common challenge affecting maintenance managers is optimizing maintenance operations with a very simple and easy-to-use software solution and getting everyone to buy into the process. In managing a large maintenance department, the big issue was that communications were lacking between departments, and all the processes needed improvement.

The other big challenge they faced, is having a responsive vendor, who is easy to contact, is receptive to working on unusual requirements, and is “easy to do business with”. Most important is working with a vendor who actually picks up the phone!

eWorkOrders is a dedicated software provider who understands their customers’ needs and responds quickly.

Business Objective

Maintaining an organized and well-run maintenance department requires proper management of company resources, so that production and productivity increases, the department runs more efficiently and that costs are kept at a minimum.
Being able to minimize breakdowns, put in work orders from anywhere, and have maintenance technicians respond quickly with access to real-time information is critical.

The bottom line is to control costs, be able to schedule work properly and efficiently, increase productivity and ensure that the company complies with all regulations.

What made our solution stand out over others that you researched?
Angie Charette, Maintenance Manager, and Scheduler said, “the process of implementing the eWorkOrders CMMS software solution was very easy. There are many maintenance software providers saying the same thing and everybody claims that they have a simple-to-use software solution. But, in utilization, we found that eWorkOrders was able to provide us with everything we needed and more. They have work orders, preventive maintenance, assets, inventory, and many more features and everything is electronic! Above all, the account manager and support team are excellent!”


The implementation of the eWorkOrders CMMS software was quick and easy. eWorkOrders is simple to use, extremely easy to add work orders, and is very user-friendly. eWorkOrders provides so many features that made it really easy to quickly set up equipment tasks and scheduling, manage and prioritize work orders, and their team was up and running immediately.


Angie said, “their bottom line is to streamline processes, make it easier to manage work orders and be user-friendly. eWorkOrders has done that and exceeded their expectations. Using eWorkOrders CMMS software has increased organizational efficiency, extend equipment lifespan, improved time management, and users are motivated to get the most from their automated maintenance software. Having access to real-time information, along with access to a significant number of reports, exceeds their expectations.”

“The eWorkOrders CMMS software solution has been a perfect system for our organization. We have had no problems, and everyone has quickly adapted to the system and loves it. I can’t emphasize enough the continued EXCELLENT customer service that is provided by Jeff Roscher and his team. They are always there when you have a question or need something. Love eWorkOrders!”

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