Asset Management

Maximize Asset Life and Labor Productivity
With eWorkOrders Asset Management

eWorkOrders is a global solutions provider that works with companies, providing them the tools they need to better manage their maintenance operations, resources, equipment, control costs and increase overall productivity. Your organization’s assets make up a large and costly financial investment.  Do you have the tools to track them effectively?  eWorkOrders tracks all your important assets and gives you the ability to easily access work history associated with each asset.  eWorkOrders can maintain asset values, standard operating procedures, warranty information, schematics, and other documentation related to each asset.

Asset Performance

Having effective asset management strategies in place, organizations can see the benefits of equipment performing at peak performance, reduced downtime, lower operating costs and maximize ROI.

  • Track asset tasks and performance across your entire corporation.
  • Minimize asset life cycle costs and maximize profitability.

web-based CMMS Asset Management

Tools & Equipment Management

The eWorkOrders Asset Management module integrates all asset management and tracking into one easy-to-use centralized database.  CMMS helps simplify the management of assets, extend asset life span, improve performance, enhance safety programs and streamline processes.

  • Analyze maintenance costs for repairs and replacement.
  • Implement a check-in and checkout process for tracking all assets.
  • Add photos to document the tools\equipment\facility condition. 
  • Works with handheld computers barcode scanners and smartphones with barcode scanner apps.

Return on Assets (ROA)

eWorkOrders provides powerful tools to help organizations maximize Return on Assets (ROA) and minimize maintenance costs.  Optimizing the maintenance of all assets and streamlining processes will lead to decreased expenses and increased revenue.

  • Capture and store real-time information from work orders.
  • Create reports that drive Preventive Maintenance schedules.

Regulatory Compliance

eWorkOrders effective maintenance management tools help improve processes, make passing inspections and promoting a safe work environment seamless. CMMS provides detailed information to create dashboards and comprehensive reports to help organizations meet compliance audits and regulations.

  • Make compliance easily traceable for audits.
  • Create detailed on-demand reports on assets.
  • Automate processes for tracking standards, new codes, and updating assets.

Integrating and Optimizing CMMS with Geographic Information System (GIS) & Enhanced Image Mapping Technology

Asset Reservation Requests