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Preventive Maintenance Checklists

February 2023

Maintenance ChecklistsPreventive maintenance checklists are essential tools for ensuring equipment and machinery continue to operate safely and efficiently. By inspecting and maintaining equipment on a regular basis potential problems can be discovered and handled before they become serious issues that cause downtime, equipment failure, and costly repairs.  A well-designed preventative maintenance checklist can help to extend the life of the equipment and reduce the risk of workplace accidents or injuries. Creating a uniform checklist can ensure that all necessary operations are routinely executed, limiting the risk of maintenance oversights or omissions. Overall, preventative maintenance checklists are crucial for preserving equipment reliability and safety, and can eventually contribute to a business’s or organization’s overall success.

Get some valuable tips from the article: Preventive Maintenance Checklists – Important Tasks You Need To Include

8 Strategies for Meeting Your Asset  Management Goals in the New Year

January 2023

CMMS Maintenance Tips

As we enter the new year, it’s critical to establish clear asset management objectives and create plans for accomplishing them. Here are eight strategies to help you achieve your asset management goals in the upcoming year:

  1. Start by conducting a thorough inventory of your assets. This will provide a clear picture of what you have, where it is located, and what condition it is in.
  1. Create a thorough maintenance schedule outlining the frequency and methods for inspecting, maintaining, and servicing each asset. The less downtime you experience, the easier it will be to spot possible issues before they arise.
  1. Make use of technology to make your asset management procedures more effective. As an example, using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help you keep track of your assets, schedule maintenance, and generate reports.
  1. Make sure your asset management policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect industry best practices and your organization’s requirements.
  1. Engage your team, and make sure they understand your asset management goals and the strategies you have in place to reach them. Encourage them to express their opinions and provide recommendations for enhancements.
  1. Determine areas for improvement by monitoring and tracking asset performance.
  1. Prioritize routine training for maintenance staff to make sure they have the abilities and knowledge to look maintain assets.

By putting these tactics into practice, you will be able to optimize the performance of your assets, increase their lifespan and achieve your asset management goals in the New Year.

Importance Of Maintenace Checklists

January 2023

CMMS Maintenance Tips

Checklists for maintenance are an important tool for ensuring that equipment is properly maintained and maintenance teams have completed tasks on time. Checklists can help to save time and money by assisting with the early detection and resolution of potential difficulties.

The following are some advantages of adopting maintenance checklists:

Improved system performance: Performing routine maintenance on a system helps to ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible, which can lead to lower energy bills and better indoor air quality.

Increased system lifespan: By spotting and fixing possible problems early on, proper maintenance can make the system last longer.

Reduced downtime: By preventing malfunctions and reducing downtime, regular maintenance can help to reduce costs associated with lost production.

Regulation compliance: Many industrial HVAC systems are subject to rules and requirements that call for routine maintenance. A checklist can be used to guarantee adherence to these rules.

Safety: Regular maintenance can help to guarantee that the system is safe to use, thereby shielding the general public and employees from any threats brought on by broken HVAC systems.

While having a checklist is vital, it’s equally important to have a professional go through it because they have the knowledge and experience necessary to carry out the inspection and maintenance duties correctly.

Some checklists that we have put together include:

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CMMS Maintenance Tips

Eliminating The Work Order Backlog

December 2022

Conquering Work Order Backlog

Backlog management is a difficult task. To guarantee that maintenance jobs are completed on schedule, backlog tasks need to be prioritized according to their importance, materials, and resources. They also need to be successfully managed and scheduled. 

Get some tips on reducing work order backlog…

Benefits Of Integrating A CMMS With PLCs

December 2022

A CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) is a software tool that is used to manage and track maintenance activities. A PLC (programmable logic controller) is a specialized computer-based system that is used to control and monitor industrial processes. By combining a CMMS with PLCs, organizations can gain a number of advantages.

Article: Guide to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Maintenance

Why Breweries Are Using CMMS

March 2022

Breweries CMMS

n 2018 the number of breweries operating in the United States was more than 7,346, including 4,521 microbreweries, 2,594 brewpubs, and 231 regional breweries making more than 15,000 barrels of craft beer. In this competitive industry, as the demand continues to increase, so does the number of suppliers. Keeping costs down, production up, and ensuring high-quality beer requires everything to be running at peak performance, at all times.

Beer enthusiasts wait hours or even camp out, to purchase six-packs of limited-edition beers at exorbitant prices. With this additional demand comes the need to automate! Brewery owners have to keep ahead of the competition, keep production costs down, productivity up while providing high-quality beer. Having a well-run maintenance department has a huge impact […]

Cybersecurity and What You Need to Know

March 2022

Cybersecurity CMMS

As we increasingly use the internet to do business, it’s important that you understand the impact that cybercriminals can have on your business.  Most companies today have incorporated some type of cybersecurity solution into their business operations. Is it enough?  Is there anything else that you can do?

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated and technologically advanced, the security of your data becomes more at risk. Having an understanding of the types of cyber threats is necessary to protect your organization against financial loss and prevent disruption to your business operations. just published an article covering the types of cyber threats and recommendations on protecting your data against cybercriminals.

Article:  Cybersecurity Prevention Is the Cure
Facility Management – March 2, 2022

eWorkOrders Cybersecurity Program

In our ongoing effort to maintain the security of our systems and our customer’s data, we have implemented a comprehensive Cybersecurity Program. We have utilized a third party, SecuirtyScorecard to analyze and continuously rate how well prepared we are at preventing cyber-attacks.

Preparing Your Maintenance Operations for the New Year

December 2021

maintenance planningThe new year is rapidly approaching, what better time than now to start evaluating how your current system is performing and start preparing your maintenance operations for the New Year.

Start by assessing if your current maintenance management system is meeting your objectives and giving you and your organization the critical data needed to make good business decisions. Then review and assess what your needs are to make your maintenance operations more efficient.  Now is the time to establish your needs, set your goals and objectives, and invest in a maintenance management system that will help exceed your goals.

When you are evaluating your current maintenance operations, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your data really secure? Does your vendor have a Cyber Security Rating of 100%?  With all of the cyber attacks having the wrong vendor managing your data can be devastating to your business.               
  • Is your current system providing you with complete, reliable data to manage your maintenance process?
  • Does the data include all of the information and detail that you need?
  • Can you attach drawings, images, and documents?
  • Can you access your data from anywhere using a computer, Smartphone or mobile device?
  • Can you keep track of all of your maintenance repair expenses?
  • Can you access your spare parts inventory from anywhere?
  • Is your data readily available for inspections?

Once you have taken a look at what processes are working and not working, you want to make the necessary adjustments to your current maintenance processes.  Some of the steps that you can take to improve your current processes may include:  Read more…

How CMMS Helps During Supply Chain Disruptions

November 2021

Supply Chains eWorkOrders

Today many businesses are recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and other catastrophes. Supply chain disruptions have made us more aware of our dependencies and the things that we don’t even think about because everything is operating so efficiently. Businesses are looking at their processes and what can be done so that they are more prepared for any disaster or disruption that could have an impact on their business operations.

Supply chains are the core of their business; any disruption in their operations can have a major impact on production and delivery processes. It is a fact that maintenance has a major impact on business operations, and they can’t afford to have equipment break down and sit around and wait for parts that may or may not arrive for days or weeks. When production stops and distribution of products get delayed, maintenance teams are scrambling for spare parts, a specialized vendor, or other tasks, to get things fixed and production back up running quickly. This is costing time, money, unhappy customers, and your business.

Article Continued….

Managing Inspections and Audits With CMMS Software

August 2021

audits inspections cmmsInspections are a very important part of your business.  Ensuring the safety and protection of your workers and meeting compliance standards can be frustrating and complex.  Trying to get everything organized and prepared for safe quality food (SQF) EPA audits, OSHA and other inspections means a lot of work and a lot of your time trying to prepare. 

With the increase in regulations, safety, etc., audits and inspections are not the same as they were in the past.  Having an employee walk through the department with a spreadsheet looking for signs of problems is no longer efficient.  Trying to manage processes and keeping everything organized and under control requires more than a spreadsheet, pencil and paper.

Having everything stored in and accessible in a centralized system has lots of benefits and makes preparing for inspections and audits a lot easier and less challenging.  A computer maintenance management system (CMMS), can help you to easily organize, store, and quickly access audit-related documents in one centralized system and create detailed reports instantly to help show that you meet inspection and audit requirements.   All of this can be done from a computer, smartphone or mobile device.  And anyone on the team can do this no one needs to be an expert. It is that easy.  Read more….

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