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 eWorkOrders CMMS Makes
Property Management Scalable


As a full-service Asset Management and Investment Services company, their core competencies reside in Office, Industrial, and Institutional real estate across the continental United States.  With the expanding of their clientele, through the eWorkOrders CMMS offer, they have been able to accommodate their growth while providing flexibility based upon their customer’s individual needs.

Business Challenge

With multiple business offices and divisions located throughout the country, the company was looking for a centralized system that they could easily manage labor costs, janitorial supplies, energy efficiencies, repair parts, drawings, etc.  Managing suppliers and vendors to come onto properties, do work and then leave the properties, without having a complaint was very important.  Their client’s space requirements can change rapidly with little advance notice.  The customer’s goal was to facilitate their client’s business activities without complications.


Corporate management wanted to bring all divisions and offices into an easy to use centralized and standardized collaborative platform to ensure that the management process was cost effective, efficient and defined.  They needed a system to track customer\tenant requests through to resolution as well as to schedule and track preventive maintenance activities. They were looking to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, refine processes and improve response times.


To achieve the optimal ROI from their properties, they needed a system that takes the worrying out of maintaining them.  The customer stated, “I am extremely happy with eWorkOrders CMMS software, we have had a very positive experience with the eWorkOrders software and support”.   On his recommendation to corporate, they implemented the services to manage their properties.

eWorkOrders CMMS software was able to instantaneously manage preventive maintenance, tenant requests, generate work orders, view the status of previous work orders and inventory, and provide in-depth reports that show historical, current, and future trends for each of their properties and assets. Because eWorkOrders CMMS is available through mobile devices, their managers service requests and information was available through their computers, smartphones and tablets.


By implementing eWorkOrders CMMS software solution, this real estate investment business was able to:

  • Have a standardized collaborative platform that ties all locations and business units into a centralized, easy to use, information portal.
  • Corporate now has transparency into actionable data that can be leveraged to make smarter and more effective accounting and business decisions.
  • >Automate processing efforts and decrease manual data entry tasks.
  • Manage costs, suppliers and vendors.
  • Maintain inventory and maintenance and reducing cost.
  • Simple, one click and easy to use software.
  • Outstanding technical support.
  • Software refined processes and improved response times.
  • Enjoyed working with the eWorkOrders team!

*As a courtesy to our customers, we do not publish their company names, but the actual case studies are available upon request.


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