US Senate Sergeant at Arms Uses eWorkOrders 
Highly Secured Network Facilities Management


The US Senate Sergeant at Arms, also known as the Doorkeeper of the Senate, is the highest-ranking federal law enforcement officer in the Senate of the United States. Pam is the Facilities Systems Manager for the US Senate Sergeant at Arms and is responsible for supporting the senators and facilities throughout the Senate side of the Capitol. Keeping the facilities clean and safe is the main objective. From managing the cleaning of the offices, ensuring that there are enough offices and meeting spaces, maintenance is kept up, there are a lot of tasks and people involved to keep this complex running smoothly.

“Implementing eWorkOrders made all of these processes easy!”

Business Challenges

“One of their biggest challenges is working with their high level of security.”

“Their current work order system is extremely slow and cannot support their growing maintenance needs. It was not user-friendly, and creating and assigning work orders was difficult. To further complicate things, they have some pretty tough requirements including inspections, cleaning, and tracking of work orders, daily tasks, and requests for special events.”

“Their objectives are to implement a system that would manage and keep track of all of the activities within their highly secured facility, be user-friendly and accessible from anywhere inside their aging facility which is basically a working museum, even in the basement, and above all is affordable.”

eWorkOrders The Best Solution

“Upon investigation and evaluation, eWorkOrders stood out to be the best solution to easily fit into their environment and exceed our needs and expectations. The user-friendly interface was well accepted, even by the non-technical personnel. We could get rid of our manual paper process and now replace it with a centralized automated CMMS. The easy-to-use interface to submit work orders is accessible from computers or mobile devices which saved them a lot of time and increased productivity. Everyone loves eWorkOrders.”


“With the very high network security throughout the complex, we thought this would be a major challenge. Not for eWorkOrders! Working with Jeff and Brian, they have preventive measures in place to protect the system. Through their technical expertise and experience, they were able to provide a seamless implementation.”


Using a cloud-based CMMS, data is accessible from anywhere with the ability to run reports and makes inspections a lot easier. Routine inspections are done throughout the offices, before every meeting or conference, with additional inspections throughout the month to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.


Pam felt that “eWorkOrders is an excellent Computerized Maintenance Management System and was the answer to her problems. It is extremely easy to use, provides extensive features, and has improved many of their processes. Having a powerful system like eWorkOrders, that exceeds our expectations, and fits within their budgets, is invaluable. They run reports three times a day to ensure that all areas are cleaned, and the environment is safe. Being able to extract real-time data to identify who, when and what was done has increased efficiency by 100%.

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