Maintenance, Assets and
Customer Satisfaction


Our customer is a global biopharmaceutical corporation that focuses on the discovery, development, and the commercialization of products for the treatment of cancer and other severe, immune, inflammatory conditions.  There are hundreds of clinical trials at major medical centers evaluating the safety and effectiveness in treating, preventing, or diagnosing a specific disease or condition.  With offices worldwide, it is critical to be able to access information quickly, schedule preventive maintenance, maintain assets, and respond to work order requests in a timely manner.

Business Challenge

Being a global company with locations worldwide, the biggest business challenge was to be able to consolidate all of their information and documents in one centralized location.  The system had to be easily accessible and easy to use by diverse technical and non-technical personnel.  Their team depends on the rapid retrieval of information so that they can quickly accommodate and respond to customer requests.  When working on work orders, maintenance teams need to have access to historical data, manuals and other pertinent information from their smartphones and tablets.

Bristol Myers Customer Testimonial


The company installed eWorkOrders in numerous locations and found that implementation was very smooth and flawless.  Their team felt that “having worked with eWorkOrders for a number of years, and knowing and understanding both the pharmaceutical and system requirements, becoming a Subject Matter Expert was easy”.  The primary Subject Matter Expert provides other departments within the corporation with overviews of the applications that their department and other departments are using eWorkOrders for.  Everyone is impressed with the implementation process, system capabilities, robust features, and easy-to-use customer request page.


The driving force behind using eWorkOrders is customer satisfaction and being able to instantly respond to customer requests in a timely manner. Customers have commented that they just pressed the send button to submit a request and within minutes a maintenance technician is there to respond.  Through the reports and dashboards, they have an instant snapshot of the status of their work orders.  eWorkOrders has saved them time, money and definitely increased customer satisfaction.

Working with eWorkOrders Team

Having implemented eWorkOrders in many of their departments worldwide, the team felt that “it has been a real pleasure working with the eWorkOrders team.  The eWorkOrders team is very accommodating and has fulfilled every standard and unusual request that they had made. The eWorkOrders team goes above and beyond to accommodate and implement their requests.  They have worked with other systems that would take weeks to get something accomplished.  With eWorkOrders all they need is a simple phone call or work order request and it was done right away”.

*As a courtesy to our customers, we do not publish their company names, but the actual case studies are available upon request.

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