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Controlling and Managing Maintenance for Over 400 Franchises
Using eWorkOrders CMMS Software

Operating over 400 restaurants, including KFC, Pizza Huts, Taco Bell, Tim Horton’s, A&W’s, and Long John Silvers, this franchise owner wanted to optimize their maintenance operations.  With the rapid growth and expansion of franchises, they face a lot of challenges in optimizing their maintenance department to meet the demanding needs of their customers.KFC Testimonial

Business Challenge
Jim is the Maintenance Director responsible for managing all of the maintenance for all of the franchises within the district. Jim, his technician and outside contractors are responsible for providing repair services for commercial kitchen equipment and facility repairs. With a limited staff, Jim needed a system that was easy to program, handle back-office functions and give him quick access to identify and view details and status of all work orders.

Business Objective
Their main objective is providing the best maintenance and facilities management to all of the franchisees. By minimizing equipment breakdowns, and prioritizing and managing repair requests within a short timeframe. Most important is the ability to manage work orders, know all of the details on who is working on the repair, labor, and material expenses, and when the work order has been completed. Having easy access to equipment repair and maintenance history, the ability to see parts inventory, along with manuals, documents, and any photos from any location is extremely important.

What made our solution stand out over others that you researched?
They were looking for a software system that could expand seamlessly to meet the growth of their business. It had to have a very easy-to-use interface for non-technical users, meet their requirements without a lot of customization and configurations, and generate reports that tied into their accounting department to reflect expenses and budgets. Going through the demo with their account manager, eWorkOrders had all of the features and more than what they were looking for. They wanted a powerful system at a very affordable price. The most important thing that sold them on eWorkOrders was the knowledge and experience of their account manager. With his past history and experience of actually using the system, he provided a lot of good tips and recommendations.

“The implementation of the eWorkOrders CMMS software was awesome! I am extremely impressed with the expertise of my Account Manager Norm Stepp. The experience and knowledge that Norm brought to the team during setup was unbelievable. Setting up the CMMS is easy, but Norm provided other recommendations that help us to better organize our workflow. I understand that the technical staff at eWorkOrders all have previous industry experience working with the CMMS software. It was really nice to work with someone who has actually used the system and understands the challenges of managing a maintenance department. Norm’s suggestions saved us a lot of time in preparing and organizing our data and made the process seamless.”

eWorkOrders has the perfect solution for any size company or industry.
Jim said that “eWorkOrders CMMS solution was awesome! Franchisees have quickly adapted to the easy-to-use portal and maintenance operations have been running a lot smoother. Being able to set up preventive maintenance schedules, prioritize work orders and respond to urgent repairs, with access to documents and photos, from anywhere has been a big plus. Using the eWorkOrders CMMS Preventive Maintenance feature for scheduling has decreased equipment downtime, labor hours, and reduced expenses. When the equipment does go down, it isn’t down for very long. With flexible email notifications, our maintenance management team knows immediately when a work order is submitted or updated, and franchisees will be notified when their work orders have been responded to or resolved.”

“Communications have significantly improved between the franchise and our maintenance team. I can view the status, run reports and maintain a dashboard to show me the work order activities. Setting up email notifications to keep the franchisees informed on the status of their work orders has significantly increased our communications and customer satisfaction.”

“Working with the eWorkOrders team has been a great experience. My account manager is very responsive and always there to recommend and help improve processes.” eWorkOrders is the best!

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