eWorkOrders Solves Customer Problems and Enhances Manufacturing Processes

Case Study ManufacturingOur valued customer, a leading glass bottle manufacturer, embarked on a journey to optimize their maintenance operations. Faced with challenges stemming from an inefficient maintenance approach, frequent breakdowns, and productivity bottlenecks, they sought a solution. Recognizing the power of eWorkOrders CMMS, they aimed to revolutionize their maintenance strategies and elevate operational performance.

The Challenge

Facing operational challenges head-on, our customer encountered issues in their maintenance planning, reactive responses, and spare parts management. However, with the introduction of eWorkOrders CMMS, a comprehensive solution was implemented to tackle these concerns effectively.

Inefficient Maintenance Planning: Manual tracking led to confusion and scheduling delays.

Reactive Maintenance Approach: Costly breakdown responses caused unplanned downtime.

Inadequate Spare Parts Management: Struggles in tracking spare parts hindered timely repairs.

The Solution

The eWorkOrders CMMS Solution introduced transformative features aimed at resolving these challenges:

Work Order Management: Centralized tracking of tasks, preventive schedules, and repairs.

Preventive Maintenance: Proactive planning to minimize unexpected breakdowns.

Asset Tracking: Mobile access to equipment data for efficient task execution.

Spare Parts Management: Streamlined inventory tracking and procurement processes.

The Results

The successful implementation of the eWorkOrders CMMS Solution led to remarkable outcomes:

Enhanced Equipment Uptime: Preventive maintenance curbed unexpected breakdowns, boosting uptime.

Streamlined Maintenance Planning: Improved coordination and reduced task confusion.

Cost Efficiency: Transition to preventive maintenance decreased unplanned downtime and repairs.

Efficient Spare Parts Management: Streamlined inventory minimized stockouts, ensuring timely repairs.


eWorkOrders CMMS catalyzed a transformation in maintenance operations for the glass bottle manufacturer. Transitioning from reactive to proactive maintenance and harnessing the power of eWorkOrders’ features led to increased uptime, improved planning, cost savings, and efficient spare parts management. Armed with eWorkOrders, they’re poised to meet production demands, ensure operational continuity, and achieve manufacturing excellence.

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