eWorkOrders CMMS Rescues Senior Living Facility After Vendor Closure

retirement homesWelcome to the world of senior living, where compassion meets quality care, and retirement becomes a vibrant journey. In this case study, we delve into the challenges faced by a Senior Living facility, a dedicated assisted living and retirement home facility, and their quest for a new Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution.

As fate would have it, the Senior Living facility’s previous CMMS vendor was acquired by another company, leaving them with a mere 60-day window to find an affordable and efficient alternative. The clock was ticking, and the stakes were high as the facility needed to seamlessly transition its critical maintenance operations to a new platform while ensuring data integrity and adhering to a tight budget.

Amidst the daunting challenge of searching for a reputable and affordable vendor within a tight timeframe, hope appeared elusive for the Senior Living facility. The task seemed overwhelming, leaving them uncertain about finding a solution that would meet their needs. However, just when all seemed lost, a ray of optimism shone through with the discovery of eWorkOrders—a leading CMMS provider willing to step in and offer the perfect solution. eWorkOrders proved to be the ideal partner, offering a solution that perfectly aligned with their Senior Living maintenance demands and came at an exceptionally affordable price. Beyond meeting their needs, the seamless collaboration with eWorkOrders was a breath of fresh air—easy, efficient, and hassle-free. The facility found a reliable ally that not only understood their unique requirements but also delivered exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. With eWorkOrders, their Senior Living facility not only regained stability in their maintenance operations but also gained a trustworthy partner to navigate future challenges with confidence.

Client Background

The Senior Living facility is a medium-sized senior living facility, providing assisted living and retirement home services to the elderly community. They have been utilizing a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) from a vendor that, unfortunately, has recently declared that it had been acquired by another company. The sudden news has put the Senior Living facility in a difficult situation as they have a limited time frame of just 60 days to find an affordable alternative and migrate all their data into the new system.

The Challenge

They faced several challenges during this critical time:

Time Constraint: With only 60 days to find a replacement CMMS solution and complete the transition, the facility had to act quickly to ensure seamless operations.

Data Migration: Migrating all the existing files and data from the previous CMMS to the new system without any loss or errors was a daunting task.

Budget Limitations: As a medium-sized facility, they had limited resources and needed an affordable solution that could cater to their specific needs without compromising on essential functionalities.

Selection Process

During the rigorous selection process, the senior living facility diligently evaluated various CMMS solutions available in the market. Their primary goal was to find a comprehensive and tailored CMMS solution that could effectively address their maintenance challenges while accommodating specific needs and requirements.

One crucial criterion for the facility was selecting a vendor that offered long-term support and stability. They sought assurance that the chosen CMMS partner would not unexpectedly disband or drastically increase their prices, avoiding the need to find another provider in the future.

After thorough consideration, the senior living facility made the strategic decision to partner with eWorkOrders CMMS. This robust solution perfectly matched their maintenance needs, offering a wide range of functionalities to optimize processes and enhance operational efficiency. Moreover, eWorkOrders demonstrated a track record of reliability and customer satisfaction, making it an ideal choice for a lasting partnership.

The eWorkOrders CMMS Solution

eWorkOrders is a leading CMMS provider known for its user-friendly interface, robust features, and excellent customer support. Their cloud-based system offers a wide range of tools designed to optimize maintenance operations and improve efficiency for various industries, including senior living facilities.

The Implementation: Realizing the urgency of the situation, they swiftly evaluated multiple CMMS options and found that eWorkOrders was the best fit for their requirements. The implementation process was efficiently managed with the following steps:

Needs Assessment: The eWorkOrders team conducted an in-depth analysis of their maintenance processes and unique requirements to tailor the solution accordingly.

Data Migration Support: eWorkOrders provided comprehensive assistance in transferring all the historical data, work orders, maintenance logs, and asset details from the previous CMMS into their system, ensuring a seamless transition.

User Training: To ensure a smooth transition, eWorkOrders conducted recorded training sessions covering all essential features and functionalities of the new CMMS.

Customization: eWorkOrders worked closely with the facility’s management to customize the CMMS to align with their specific workflows and reporting needs.


Timely Implementation: Despite the tight deadline, eWorkOrders successfully implemented their CMMS solution within the stipulated 60-day timeframe, minimizing disruptions to their operations.

Data Integrity: The meticulous data migration process ensured that all historical data was seamlessly transferred into eWorkOrders without any loss or discrepancies.

Enhanced Efficiency: With eWorkOrders’ user-friendly interface and streamlined processes, the senior living facility experienced enhanced maintenance efficiency, reducing downtime and enhancing resident satisfaction.

Cost-Effectiveness: eWorkOrders’ affordable pricing structure and flexible plans allowed them to manage their budget effectively while still accessing essential CMMS functionalities.

Data Security: eWorkOrders prioritized data security throughout the implementation, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring the Senior Living’s peace of mind.


The transition to eWorkOrders CMMS proved to be a resounding success for the Senior Living facility. The facility successfully overcame the challenges of its previous CMMS vendor going out of business and adapted to the new system within the limited time frame. The eWorkOrders team provided dedicated support, ensuring a smooth migration of data and personalized training for the staff.

eWorkOrders’ cost-effective solution not only met their budget constraints but also empowered them with efficient maintenance operations, contributing to the overall well-being of their senior residents. With eWorkOrders as their CMMS partner, their Senior Facility is now well-equipped to deliver quality care and services, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for their elderly community.

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