Fast-Food Chains

Optimizing Maintenance Operations for McDonald’s

Using the eWorkOrders CMMS Solution

This large franchise owner is operating over 42 fast-food McDonald’s Restaurants across Central California.  This organization primarily operates in the Fast-food Restaurant Chain business/industry within the Food Services and Drinking Places sector.  Mike is the maintenance operations supervisor who is responsible for managing all the maintenance operations across all the McDonalds’s chains in this region.  Mike was looking for a solution that is easy to use, can be implemented quickly, and would help optimize maintenance operations throughout the restaurant chains.

McDonalds Testimonial

Business Challenge

Their main objective is ensuring that the equipment is operating at peak performance and that the environments are kept safe.  Their biggest challenge was managing and organizing service requests from all the franchises.  Mike needed software that was easy to use and would keep track of the routine as well as the emergency repairs.  His goal was to have software that would increase equipment uptime and decrease maintenance response times.  Managing the maintenance for the largest restaurant chains, the system needed to be flexible and customizable.  A major concern was to have this installed within a very short time frame.


Through Mike’s research and the eWorkOrders demo, he quickly decided that eWorkOrders was the best choice for their company’s needs.  Mike stated that “a lot of providers would not do any customization or would charge exorbitant fees and take a lot of time to implement.”  Mike loves the flexibility, user-friendly interface of the eWorkOrders software, and the ability to meet their demands in a very short time frame.  With the training, videos, and online help, the franchise teams adapted very quickly to the eWorkOrders CMMS software.

InspectionsFast Fiood

The food industry has very strict regulations regarding food safety. Keeping accurate preventive maintenance records is required to meet these regulations.  With the eWorkOrders CMMS solution, they are able to maintain real-time accurate information for all their equipment in the field in one centralized database.  With eWorkOrders’ Preventive Maintenance module, they can easily view maintenance schedules and the history of their equipment and repairs at any time.  They can review work order status and completions, and keep track of their inventory and parts for all of their equipment in the field by franchise location.


Mike said that they were more than satisfied with the CMMS software solution that eWorkOrders has implemented into their facility.  “My techs love the real-time updates that they get on their phone or tablet.  Being able to view and respond to emergency work orders in real-time has increased efficiency, saved us a lot of time, and improved customer satisfaction.  The eWorkOrders CMMS software provides many benefits:

  • Streamlined many processes and improved productivity.
  • Provided customized service request screens for each franchise.
  • Quick adoption of the eWorkOrder CMMS software across all franchises.
  • Work Orders can be managed on a computer or mobile device.
  • Prioritization of work orders can be done instantly.
  • Provides real-time information on work orders from anywhere.
  • The ability to route work orders to the appropriate team member, with notifications sent to the franchise owner.
  • Preventive maintenance planning and scheduling can be done within their ideal time frame. This has reduced downtime and equipment failures.
  • Hundreds of reports to choose from, with filters to accommodate specific requests. It is now easier to manage and track activities at the individual store level and to analyze data.
  • Meeting regulations are now a lot easier with just the run of a report.
  • The system is flexible and scalable to meet our growing needs.
  • An excellent support team that rapidly responds to changes, questions, or anything else which is needed.
  • Improved communications.

We saw a clear need for maintenance management software that could assist franchise managers and owners. eWorkOrders resulted in an incredible collection of comprehensive features that are easily accessible by all franchisees and their employees.  I wish I had eWorkOrders years ago. I’m not the most proficient person when it comes to computer stuff.  The good news is you don’t have to be.  With eWorkOrders, you’re investing in a highly efficient support team and software solution.”

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