Fall Preventive Maintenance

Fall Preventive Maintenance
Using CMMS To Get You Through

Fall Maintenance with CMMS

Fall is rapidly approaching and winter isn’t far behind.  Now is the time to get maintenance checklists in place and prepare schedules for managing maintenance plans.  Using a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) helps streamline processes, keeps teams on schedule and will help you get through the cold weather with as little damage or wear and tear on your equipment and facilities as possible.

Don’t have a CMMS?  Now maybe the time to invest in a CMMS that will help manage all of your tasks, without disrupting your daily routines and keeping your business running more efficiently.

Below are some things to think about when preparing for the cold months ahead and how CMMS can help manage these tasks.

Do You Have a Preventive Maintenance Plan? 

Managing routine maintenance and facilities tasks are a full-time job.  Trying to put an effective maintenance plan in place can be a struggle.  Trying to identify every asset along with the corresponding history can be a nightmare.  Combining all of these issues can lead to frustration missed goals and is very time-consuming.

Celgene CMMS Testimonial

• A CMMS is a centralized database that can organize all of your data, keep records, manage schedules, costs, and provide notifications and alerts to keep things running smoothly.  Working with real-time data ensures that the most updated information is always available.

Current Assessment of Equipment

• Do you have all of the repair information on all of your assets?
• Are your maintenance records accurate and up-to-date?
• Are you fumbling around compiling data from spreadsheets or pieces of paper?

• With CMMS everything is in one centralized location and accessible from anywhere at any time.
• CMMS gives you real-time updates. As work orders are being modified form a computer or mobile device, all of the information is updated.
• With the ability to access real-time data, reports and analysis on all of your assets are only a click away.

Inventory and Spare Parts

• Is your inventory for spare parts well-stocked?  Bad weather can cause delays in getting parts, and you may incur additional shipping or rush charges.

• CMMS can help keep inventory and spare parts updated, with email notifications of low inventory levels.
• No need to do counts manually.  Let a CMMS automatically keep track of spare parts and inventory levels.
• Vendor information and costs can easily be stored to keep an eye on expenses and product availability.

Preparing Checklists for Maintenance

• Are you struggling to try to create maintenance checklists for your assets?
• Do you have checklists in place to ensure outside equipment is prepared for the ice and snow?
• Are you trying to assign checklists to specific workers?  Trying to capture labor hours?  Always looking for status or updates?

• With CMMS your checklists are always available and can easily be attached to work orders.
• Work Orders are updated as tasks are completed.
• Checklists are stored in CMMS and can be updated, assigned or reviewed at any time.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

• Are you working in a “reactive – fix it when it breaks” environment?
• Can you easily see workers’ schedules and know when a particular expert is available to do preventive maintenance?

• Having a clear picture of repairs that need to be done and the “right” person to work on it can save you a lot of time and money.
• With CMMS, you have access to schedules, along with the ability to change schedules for those unexpected emergencies.

Preventive Maintenance is everywhere!  Assets are only a small part of keeping a business running. Are your facilities up-to-date?

Facilities Maintenance

• Having checklists for inside maintenance is just as important as on your assets.
• Are your heating and cooling systems ready for the cold weather?
• Are there any drafts or leaks around windows or doors?
• Are stairs and walkways ready for the cold weather?
• Are all tree branches, old leaves and other outside materials cleaned and stored and out of the way?
• Do you have your winter plans in place?  Do you have people scheduled to remove the snow, clean the walks, and keep everyone safe?

• Having a CMMS in place will help you manage all of these tasks and more.
• Receive alerts and status on the progress of repairs and maintenance plans.
• With the ability to provide real-time updates keeps information current.

These are just a few of the things that maintenance and facilities managers have to think about going into fall.  Having a CMMS in place organizes functions, streamlines processes, controls costs, minimizes equipment downtime, controls inventory and keeps businesses running at peak performance. 

Preparing for Fall and Winter should not be a struggle.  Take control of your maintenance and facilities operations with a CMMS. A CMMS is easy to use, affordable and scalable to any size business.

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