Maintenance Management Software “The Core of Your Business”

What is maintenance management?maintenance management software cmms

Maintenance management is the process and procedure for maintaining a company’s assets, equipment and resources.  The purpose of maintenance management is to ensure that production proceeds efficiently and resources are used effectively.  The business objective is to more efficiently schedule work, manage costs, prolong the lifespan of assets, and ensure that processes are followed to comply with all regulations.

How can maintenance management help my business? 

  • Streamline company processes and protect assets.
  • Less risk of machines breaking down.
  • Control expenses due to better management of parts inventory.
  • Maximize asset lifespan due to proper maintenance.
  • Equipment running at peak performance.
  • Less disruption to production, work environments, etc.
  • Increase the safety of employees with proper maintenance of equipment.
  • CMMS software stores information to help organizations be more prepared for inspections and audits.Technical Testimonial

What are the types of maintenance management?

  • Reactive maintenance, also known as the run-to-failure strategy, is performed when assets are deliberately operated until they break down.
  • Preventive maintenance is regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance done to help minimize the possibility of unexpected failures of equipment and reduce repair costs.
  • Predictive maintenance is a condition-based approach to maintenance that provides warnings to maintenance managers when an equipment failure might occur.
  • Reliability centered maintenance is a method of analyzing breakdowns to identify which maintenance methods will work best for each piece of machinery.

Why maintenance management important?

Without maintenance management, there can be significant delays in products and services, disruption to business operations and an increase in expenses.  Maintenance management helps companies organize and manage time and costs, to ensure the efficiency of processes and procedures while maintaining resources and controlling costs.  

What is CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems) software?

eWorkOrders Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)software,  provides maintenance managers with the tools to optimize their organization’s maintenance operations.  With CMMS software teams can easily manage work orders, assets, equipment, preventive maintenance, inventory, workflows, safety compliance, resources, expenses, and other processes.  eWorkOrders CMMS makes it easy to manage all of these tasks and more from a computer  Smartphone or mobile device.

What are some of the benefits of CMMS software?

eWorkOrders CMMS software provides users of any size company/organization with features that will streamline and improve processes.  Some of our features include:

Work Order Management

Create and manage work orders to request maintenance work that needs to be performed as well as communicate important information about the task to others who are involved.

Preventive and Planned Maintenance (PM)

eWorkOrders CMMS Preventive Maintenance (PM) feature gives organizations the ability to define a schedule for regular maintenance, inspections, service operations and corrections to help minimize the possibility of unexpected failures of equipment.

Enterprise Asset and Equipment Management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software helps businesses manage, organize, and track the lifecycle of physical assets across different facilities, departments, business units and geographical areas throughout the lifecycle of each asset.   

EAM Optimizes Asset Lifecycle

Decreases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Maximizes Overall Asset Productivity (OAP) and Return on Assets (ROA)


A CMMS provides users with the tools to manage work orders, maintenance and inventory to keep environments safe and equipment in top running condition.  A CMMS stores and maintains documentation that employees have been properly trained to use the tools or equipment.

Manage and Control Costs

With a CMMS, it is easy to manage and control all of your maintenance operations and optimize your inventory costs.
Manage maintenance budgets for expenses such as labor, parts and miscellaneous costs for completion of work orders, replacement of equipment at the end of the asset lifecycle, track special projects, spot buys and purchasing. Having a CMMS contributes towards your bottom line by reducing expenditures and increasing the lifespan of critical assets and equipment through automated maintenance.

Labor Management

Time tracking factors into labor availability, reporting, costs on work orders, etc.  Work orders in a CMMS capture critical information about a whole range of variables beyond labor hours, such as, expertise and required skill level (e.g., tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, etc. support), asset identity and location of the nearest qualified technician, as well as repair parts consumed, specialty tools borrowed from inventory, and specific type of work performed by whom; and any contracted service and parts vendors used.

Inventory and Spare Parts Management

CMMS software gives maintenance departments and organizations the tools to more accurately track and manage inventory and spare parts. The benefit of CMMS Inventory Management is for organizations to have the right stock, in the right place, at the right time, and purchased at a reasonable cost.  

Reports and Dashboards

Maximize asset performance through analytics, dashboards and reports that quickly show key performance metrics including the health of your assets, maintenance costs, preventive maintenance compliance, equipment downtime and inventory with drill-down capability to spot areas of concern and swiftly have access to the details.

Mobile Access

Access to real-time information via CMMS software is available from anywhere at any time through a computer, Smartphone, or mobile device.

Regulatory Compliance

CMMS software provides tools that help organizations easily meet internal and external audits and regulatory compliance standards.

These are just some of the features and functions that CMMS can help to optimize an organizations maintenance operations.

What industries use CMMS software?

One of the biggest benefits of CMMS software is that any size company throughout any industry can benefit from this powerful maintenance management system software.  eWorkOrders CMMS is scalable and flexible to meet any size business/organization.

CMMS software is a valuable tool for maintenance management

eWorkOrders CMMS is a valuable tool to help organize and optimize an organization’s maintenance operations. CMMS provides all the tools for managing daily maintenance tasks, work orders, inventory, improving asset lifespan, controlling costs, and more.  Whatever your maintenance objects are, CMMS software provides a set of very comprehensive tools to enhance your maintenance operations.

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