High Quality & Secure Maintenance Management Software For The Cannabis Industry

cannabis cmms softwareThe Cannabis industry is rapidly growing and is struggling through processes, regulations, and compliance. This industry depends on reliable, highly powerful equipment, intensity lighting, humidity control, and more to grow and process cannabis plants.  The demand to manage all of the assets, equipment, the entire maintenance operations, being prepared for inspections, and meeting compliance regulations (FDA, etc.) is challenging.  Managing all of the equipment, tasks and processes requires a maintenance management system that can keep up with the speed that this industry is encountering.  They face many challenges to meet with the growth and the innovative technology, meet specific requirements and deliver safe products to the end-user.

Companies are implementing a high quality and secure computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or enterprise asset management system (EAM) to manage their maintenance operations.  This web-based driven quality maintenance management solution provides the cannabis industry with a complete solution ensuring the safety of the workplace and workforce, meeting manufacturing standards, packaging standards, and effective reporting for safety and environment compliance regulations.  Kings River Testimonial

eWorkOrders CMMS/EAM software for the Cannabis Industry is a secure web-based quality system.  Our maintenance management solution provides the complete solution for managing Preventive Maintenance, Document Management, Inventory Control, Asset Management and Tracking, Electronic Signature, Validations, Dashboards, Reports, Analytics and more.

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manage their maintenance operations more efficiently and, be prepared for inspections and audits.

Managing the Assets and Equipment

Originally, marijuana was grown mainly outdoors. With the growth of technology and the need to adapt to the environment, this process has now been brought indoors.  Many facilities now have growing rooms that use high-intensity lamps that offer many advantages to the grower, more security, protection from the environment, protection from outdoor pollutants and insects.  Indoor growing rooms give users the ability to control the environment to maintain the ideal temperature, humidity, and air quality conditions.  Any downtime or disruption can be devastating and cause the grower to lose plants and their business. 

Three Types of Facilities

Cultivation and Growth

These types of facilities employ a grower who directs how the plants are cared for. The grower controls every aspect of the grow environment including the strict requirements for temperature and humidity that must be maintained.  Some locations have filtration requirements, to prevent the release of dust or odors.  In some locations, there is a need for additional systems to accommodate the need for carbon dioxide injections to speed up growth cycles.


Facility and maintenance teams that manage cannabis extraction labs primary focus is on:

Safety:  The extraction methods involve working with toxic and dangerous gases. When working with dangerous gasses, ensuring the safety of workers is critical.  This includes proper ventilation and that equipment is maintained and working properly

Reducing Contamination:  Facilities need to create and maintain processes and procedures to ensure a smooth workflow and reduce the possibility of contamination. The objective is to maximize efficiency and maintain cleanliness.

Machine Maintenance:  Extraction machines need constant maintenance and cleaning. 

Staging:  There are three stages of the growing process that requires separate rooms for each process to ensure that there is no contamination.  Employees are also given restrictions and access to certain rooms.

Scalability:  As this industry is rapidly growing, planning ahead to scale up as the business expands is important in this industry.

The materials extracted from these plants can be used to make products that will go to consumers for such things as pills or edibles like cookies or brownies, etc.

From the use of specialized equipment to the pulling out of oils and other materials from marijuana plants, to the management of hazard rooms with extensive fire protection equipment, there is a lot to maintain and manage.  Keeping equipment running at peak performance, ensuring that hazard rooms are properly maintained and employee permissions are properly managed can all be done through a centralized system like a CMMS/EAM.


Dispensaries are specifically in retail spaces where people who are eligible can purchase medical or recreational marijuana products.  Dispensaries must meet specific codes, local and government regulations.  In some instances, there are stricter guidelines where products need to be stored and maintained behind locked doors, and additional filtration must be adequate to ensure dust or odors from the products don’t fill the breathing environment.

The rapid growth of the Cannabis Industry and regulations has now put the need for a reliable, secure and scalable system to help manage all of their assets, processes, compliance and regulations.

Advantages of eWorkOrders facility management software in the Cannabis Industry

CMMS/EAM simplifies machine and asset management.  Gives you more control and management of resources and expenses.

We provide a complete maintenance and asset management solution with advanced features to assist cannabis manufacturers with automating workflow and providing total visibility and control of their maintenance operations.  Some advantages of our software solution include:

  • Create, maintain and prioritize work orders
  • Manage and track assets and expenses
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Floorplans & Equipment 
  • Interactive and user-friendly graphical interfaces
  • Scalability
  • Mobile accessible from anywhere
  • Automation and streamlining of workflow and processes
  • Affordability – packages to meet your solution
  • Multi-location management
  • Spare parts inventory management
  • Flexible reporting
  • Dashboards & KPIs
  • Better management and scheduling of resources
  • Electronic Signature to ensure processes are completed
  • Easy reporting for compliance and regulations
  • Free Upgrades
  • No hardware to purchase or install
  • Free technical support
  • Free training, videos, help, etc.
  • Cybersecurity rating 100% across all categories

In Conclusion

Companies need to protect their employees, keep environments safe, keep equipment running at peak performance, ensure that everything is documented for inspections, make sure inventory is well stocked and the bottom line is that companies need to work smarter and be prepared.  Having the right CMMS/EAM software in place is the key to keeping your maintenance operations working at peak performance.   eWorkOrders is an industry leader in CMMS/EAM software technology; we provide organizations with high-quality tools to help streamline processes, improve productivity, keep you connected with your team, and your business operating more efficiently. Your family and employees are the most valuable assets that you have.  Your business is the second most valuable asset.  Implementing a CMMS/EAM system helps businesses take control of their maintenance operations and unleash the power of the system to enable you to manage your business operations more effectively from anywhere.  Speak with one of our Account Managers today:  888-333-4617.

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