Utilizing CMMS To Safeguard Facilities From Flying Birds

bird issuesFacilities of all kinds often face challenges when it comes to keeping birds out. Birds can cause various issues, including damage to property, safety hazards, and health concerns. To effectively manage this problem, facility managers can leverage a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) as a powerful tool. In this article, we will explore how CMMS can assist in bird control efforts and help ensure a bird-free environment within your facility.

Identifying Vulnerable Areas

CMMS achieves the mapping and identification of bird-prone areas through its data management capabilities. Facility managers can input and store historical data related to bird sightings and infiltration incidents within the system. By analyzing this data, CMMS can identify patterns and trends, highlighting areas with high bird activity and vulnerability.

Using the collected data, CMMS can generate reports, visualizations, or maps that display hotspots or clusters of bird activity. This information allows facility managers to gain insights into specific locations where birds frequently infiltrate the facility. By pinpointing these vulnerable areas, managers can focus their efforts on implementing targeted bird deterrents measures, such as installing bird netting, spikes, or sound devices, to prevent future bird intrusions.

Furthermore, CMMS can integrate with other systems or devices, such as security cameras or sensors, to gather real-time data on bird activity within the facility. This integration enables facility managers to receive timely alerts and notifications when birds are detected in specific areas, enabling swift response and targeted bird control actions.

Overall, CMMS provides facility managers with the necessary tools to analyze data, identify bird-prone areas, and implement effective bird deterrent measures, enhancing their ability to keep birds out of the facility.

Implementing Preventive Maintenance

Birds can exploit even the smallest gaps or vulnerabilities in a facility’s infrastructure to gain entry. Regular preventive maintenance tasks can be scheduled and tracked through a CMMS, ensuring that potential access points, such as damaged windows, open vents, or gaps in roofing, are promptly repaired. By addressing these issues in a timely manner, facilities can significantly reduce the likelihood of bird intrusion.

Tracking Bird Deterrent Measures

CMMS allows facility managers to create and manage work orders specifically related to bird deterrent measures. These measures may include installing bird netting, spikes, or sound devices. By tracking these tasks in the CMMS, managers can ensure that bird deterrent activities are performed at the right intervals, reducing the chances of birds returning to the facility.

Scheduling Cleaning and Sanitization

Bird droppings not only create an unsightly appearance but also pose health risks and damage surfaces over time. CMMS can assist in scheduling and tracking cleaning and sanitization tasks. Regular cleaning routines can be established within the CMMS to remove bird droppings promptly, preventing their accumulation and minimizing the potential for related issues.

Analyzing Data for Continuous Improvement

CMMS provides valuable data and analytics that can be utilized to improve bird control strategies. By analyzing patterns and trends, facility managers can identify recurring bird intrusion areas, evaluate the effectiveness of implemented deterrent measures, and make informed decisions to optimize bird control efforts.


Bird control is a critical aspect of facility management, ensuring the safety, cleanliness, and functionality of the premises. By leveraging a CMMS, like eWorkOrders, facility managers can streamline their bird control efforts by identifying vulnerable areas, implementing preventive maintenance, tracking bird deterrent measures, scheduling cleaning tasks, integrating monitoring systems, and analyzing data for continuous improvement. Adopting a CMMS as part of an overall bird control strategy empowers facility managers to keep flying birds out and maintain a bird-free environment.

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