Uses of a Web Based CMMS

A Web Based CMMS Fit for Different Purposes

If you are running a service department, whether it is at an airport, manufacturing facility, hotel, casino, pharmaceutical company, real estate management office, zoo, school, hospital, Department of Public Works, or somewhere else, we are the best option available on the market today.


Service Request System

With our Service Request Management module you can configure service request menus and pages to have the types of services you would like to offer to your requesters, the questions you would like to ask them and the notifications you would like to trigger after a request is submitted.  You can send out notifications via email and text message to as many people as you would like.  You can also automatically assign workers to the requests based upon the request type and the location of the work to be done. Possible automatic notifications to requesters when work orders are updated and collect feedback from requesters when work orders are closed.

The uses of a Web Based CMMS that comes jammed packed with our service request system is as follows:

  • Organize your work orders, service requests, and preventive maintenance items.
  • View, add and edit your work orders as text, on a calendar or on a map.
  • Optionally, track worker assignments, materials, labor hours and more.
  • Possible automatic notifications when notes are updated or work orders are closed.


Enterprise Asset Management System

Track any assets, asset life cycle information, service and parts history, replacement parts, preventive maintenance plans, print bar code tags and more.


Help Desk Management System

Manage requests that come in from the service request module or over the phone. Track requester history and satisfaction levels, resolutions to problems reported, technician’s efficiency and service levels.


Warranty Tracking System

Track warranty information for assets and even store scanned warranty registration cards.


Employee Time Tracking System

Track your employees’ time, payroll and billing information. Employees can log how much time they spend on each work order. They can enter their daily attendance and create timesheets and track vacation, personal time, sick days. Photos of your employees can be entered into the system. When your customers check the status of service requests they can actually see who will be working on their service requests (a great safety feature), when they performed the work and how much time was spent.


DPW Management System

Track preventive maintenance routines, complaint calls, and work orders for maintenance and repair. It makes tracking percentages of planned versus unplanned work and work backlogs a snap. The system also helps provide data for tree trimming contracts and for tracking information on sewer overflows. Addition of the flood control and road drains will allow the department to use the system to prepare catch basin cleanout contracts.


Facilities Management System

Manage individual’s tasks, assignment due dates, as well as which tasks still need to be completed, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Increase labor productivity by using eWorkOrders to help plan and track work, so technicians can complete their tasks without interruption. Lessen downtime and disruption, by using preventive maintenance requests. Keeping track of scheduled maintenance will become easy and fast instead of trying to rely on memory, our CMMS system will automatically notify the facility manager when systems require servicing.


Airport Inspection System

Manage system diagrams and floor plans. Create, organize, and track daily task lists. Map out work orders and assets on geographic maps with customized icons. Record equipment inspections for safety and environmental compliance.


Geographic Information System

Organize locations of assets by address and coordinates. Develop work orders that can be attached to facilities shown on a utility map.

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