What is SaaS

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Software as a Service (SaaS) CMMS means that users subscribe to utilize our latest and greatest software which is housed on our super powerful and secure servers that are routinely backed up.  Because our software is accessed through an internet browser (like Chrome, MS IE, MS Edge, Opera), our software does not need to be installed on your computers.  This means our software can run on any popular operating system, such as Microsoft, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, and Unix.

With eWorkOrders SaaS CMMS software, we maintain and upgrade the entire infrastructure required to make the software, such as powerful servers and security, so that your software runs very fast and access is dependable. With eWorkOrders hosting the SaaS CMMS software, companies using our software do not have to worry about painful local installation or having to host your own software, installing additional hardware, the infrastructure, data backup, and data security.

Benefits of eWorkOrders SaaS CMMS

With eWorkOrders SaaS CMMS, customers subscribe to on-demand, anytime, anywhere software that is delivered over the Internet.  We have different modules and many different features, but just some of the benefits that the eWorkOrders SaaS CMMS can bring to your organization include:US Senate Testimonial

  • SaaS CMMS Software:  We host the software, which eliminates the need for customers to install any additional hardware or software.
  • Reduced IT Support:  We manage, maintain and support the software, keep it updated, resolve issues, and backup data, allowing you to free up your IT team to work on other tasks.
  • Lower Upfront Costs:  Our SaaS CMMS subscription plans eliminate the higher upfront purchase costs of software and hardware.
  • Flexible Pricing:  Multiple subscription options allow you to pay only for what you need.
  • No Capital Expense:  Our flexible subscription based plan can be paid monthly or annually.
  • Customer Support:  Our subscription includes customer support, training, video library and more.
  • Easy-To-Use:  Access through a web browser from a computer or mobile device.
  • Implementation:  Implementation is dependent on user data availability and can be as soon as a day or whenever the customer is ready.
  • Scalable:  Our software solution is scalable to meet the needs of any organization.  As organizations grow or restructure and shrink, our software is adjustable to accommodate your adjustments.
  • Security:  User permissions can be applied to control access to various features.
  • Features:  Our SaaS CMMS offers a wide range of features to help you optimize your facilities and maintenance operations.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Managing Your Maintenance Operations With eWorkOrders SaaS CMMS Software

With eWorkOrders SaaS CMMS, you get access to our library of features and tools that help you manage your maintenance operations.  Everything is bundled into the monthly/annual subscription price such as the CMMS software, infrastructure and hosting, maintenance, data backup, training, security, regular software updates, support, and other features and services. Some of our features include:

  • Work Orders
  • Service Requests
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Spare Parts Inventory
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Document Management
  • Mobile Maintenance
  • Dashboards & KPIs

See additional at eWorkOrders CMMS Features At A Glance: 

As an Industry Leader in CMMS software, our CMMS software solution delivers results.  We help maintenance teams manage their assets, schedule and track maintenance tasks, and keep historical records of work they performed.  All of this results in:

  • Reduced Equipment Downtime
  • Minimized Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Extended Lifespan Of Assets
  • Improved ROI

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