What Is Work Order Management Software?

Work Order SoftwareWork order management software, often referred to as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), stands as a vital cornerstone for facility managers. It offers a centralized platform essential for efficiently tracking, assigning, and monitoring preventive maintenance tasks, responding promptly to facility requests, and devising strategic action plans.

This digital solution provides a comprehensive overview of maintenance tasks in the pipeline, identifies responsible individuals, and facilitates efficient task prioritization.

However, its utility extends beyond mere scheduling. Modern work order software transcends into sophisticated data management systems, empowering companies to streamline operations through the utilization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs pave the way for more informed and cost-effective maintenance strategies, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

What is Work Order Management Software? 

Work order management software is a valuable tool for maintenance teams, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation by streamlining maintenance processes and enhancing communication. This software allows users to create, receive, and update work orders efficiently, improving service quality and asset management. 

It enables quick conversion of service requests into work orders, allocation of assets and labor, real-time status updates, mobile access, customizable checklists, historical tracking, and report generation. 

By automating tasks, reducing costs, increasing performance, extending asset lifespan, and boosting efficiency, work order software enhances overall maintenance operations. 

It simplifies work order prioritization and ensures timely completion of tasks, benefiting facilities managers and team members alike. 

Features of Work Order Management Software

Worker Availability
Monitor task progress and identify available technicians for efficient assignment.

Photo & File Attachments
Attach photos, videos, documents, and files to requests and equipment records for thorough documentation.

Automatic Routing
Optimize task allocation by automatically assigning the most suitable technician.

Reporting Dashboards
Access comprehensive reporting dashboards for real-time insights and data analysis.

Customizable Forms and Workflows
Tailor work order software to your specific needs with customizable forms and workflows.

Documented Work History
Maintain a detailed work history for efficient troubleshooting and regulatory compliance.

Equipment Warranties & Manuals
Digitally store equipment serial numbers, warranty details, and user manuals for quick reference.

Communication Threads
Centralize all communication channels including emails, calls, and conversations within the system.

Notifications & Alerts
Receive real-time updates and alerts to stay informed on time-sensitive tasks.

Implement approval chains to streamline work prioritization and reduce backlog.

Time Clock & Labor Tracking
Utilize a built-in time clock for accurate labor tracking and staffing optimization.

Cost Tracking
Track costs across all tickets to enhance budgeting and operational decisions.

Inventory Supply Management
Efficiently manage spare parts and consumables with real-time inventory tracking.

Associated Requests
Link-related work orders for seamless cross-referencing on complex tasks.

Request Type Categories
Organize incoming work by department and category with customized workflows.

Filtered Task List
Create personalized task views based on technician assignments for better task management.

Vendor & Contact Management
Maintain a directory of vendors, suppliers, and contacts for quick reference and collaboration.

Benefits of Work Order Management Software

Enhanced Efficiency in Management and Communication

Streamline operations by automating tasks and facilitating seamless communication among managers, workers, and end-users.

Increased Productivity for Maintenance Workers

Empower maintenance staff with instant access to work orders and detailed instructions, enabling swift and effective task completion.

Cost Savings through Preventive Maintenance

Optimize work order processes to assign the most suitable workers to tasks, reducing time and resource wastage while enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Improved Planning and Budgeting with Data-driven Insights

Utilize historical work order data to drive informed decision-making, allocate resources efficiently, and schedule preventive maintenance for strategic budget planning.

Enhanced Asset Performance and Longevity

Proactively maintain assets through scheduled maintenance tasks, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring optimal performance.

Regulatory Compliance and Documentation

Maintain accurate records of work history, compliance activities, and documentation to meet regulatory requirements and standards.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Receive instant notifications and alerts for critical issues, enabling prompt action and minimizing downtime.

Seamless Integration with Other Systems

Integrate work order management software with existing systems for streamlined operations and data consistency across platforms.

Customizable Reporting and Analytics

Generate tailored reports and analytics to gain insights into performance metrics, trends, and areas for improvement.

Mobile Accessibility for On-the-Go Management
Access work orders, updates, and communication tools on mobile devices for efficient management while on the move.

Vendor Management and Collaboration
-Facilitate vendor communication, track vendor performance, and streamline procurement processes for enhanced collaboration.

Scalability for Growing Operations
Scale the software to accommodate expanding operations, additional users, and increased workload without compromising efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Improve service delivery by ensuring timely responses to work orders, proactive maintenance, and effective communication with customers.

Training and Knowledge Management

Provide training resources, manuals, and knowledge bases within the software to empower staff with the necessary skills for efficient task execution.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives
Support sustainability goals by optimizing resource usage, reducing waste through efficient maintenance practices, and promoting eco-friendly strategies within work order management processes.

Who Uses Work Order Management Software? 

Manufacturing & Plants
In manufacturing plants, work order software acts as a crucial tool for optimizing and automating management processes. It provides a centralized platform for creating, tracking, and managing work orders, assigning tasks to the appropriate personnel, monitoring progress, and capturing essential data. This leads to enhanced operational efficiency, minimized downtime, improved communication, optimized resource allocation, and effective maintenance planning.

Facility Management
In the intricate world of facility management, work order software emerges as an indispensable tool for operational excellence. Providing a centralized platform for creating, assigning, and tracking work orders across various facilities, it enables efficient communication among managers, staff, and vendors. This feature-rich solution automates task assignments, tracks status updates, schedules preventive maintenance tasks, manages assets effectively, and generates comprehensive reports. The ultimate outcome is improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, enhanced resource utilization, cost savings initiatives, and effective facility maintenance practices. 

Property Management
In property management, work order software plays a vital role in streamlining maintenance operations across various properties. By offering a centralized platform, it enables efficient communication among property managers, maintenance staff, and vendors. This facilitates timely issue resolution, maintenance history tracking, preventive task scheduling, and insightful report generation. As a result, property managers experience heightened tenant satisfaction, reduced response times, optimized resource allocation, and increased property value.

Restaurants rely on work order software to optimize operational efficiency by effectively managing maintenance requests. This software facilitates efficient communication between staff and maintenance teams, prioritizes tasks, tracks progress, automates preventive maintenance reminders, and generates reports. Consequently, restaurants benefit from reduced downtime, improved response times, enhanced customer experiences, and effective facility management.

Fleet Management
In the realm of fleet management, work order software serves as a cornerstone in streamlining maintenance and repair operations for vehicles. Acting as a centralized platform for creating, assigning, and tracking work orders, it fosters seamless communication among managers, technicians, and drivers. This comprehensive solution automates maintenance scheduling, tracks parts inventory, manages service histories, and generates detailed reports. The outcome is a significant enhancement in fleet uptime, cost reduction, optimized resource allocation, and an overall boost in performance.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing
Within the dynamic landscape of food and beverage manufacturing, work order software revolutionizes production processes by efficiently managing work orders. By facilitating communication between managers, maintenance teams, and operators, this software streamlines operations through automated task assignments, progress tracking, ingredient inventory management, equipment maintenance scheduling, and detailed production reporting. The result is a notable improvement in efficiency, reduced downtime, enhanced inventory management, compliance with quality standards, and increased productivity and profitability.

Farming & Agriculture
For farming and agriculture. work order software optimizes farm operations by managing and tracking work orders for various tasks. including fieldwork. equipment maintenance. irrigation. crop harvesting. and livestock management. Facilitating efficient communication between farmers. workers. and service providers. it automates task assignments. tracks progress. schedules preventive maintenance. manages supplies. and generates reports. Consequently. this leads to improved productivity. reduced downtime. optimized resource allocation. enhanced yields. and effective farm management.

Educational Facilities:

In schools and educational institutions, Work Order Management Software becomes the backbone of smooth operations. Imagine a platform where teachers, staff, and maintenance workers seamlessly collaborate to ensure every classroom is in top condition. Whether it’s fixing broken desks or repairing HVAC systems, this software streamlines tasks, minimizes downtime, and fosters an environment conducive to effective learning.

Water Treatment Plants:

At water treatment plants, Work Order Management Software is like having a trusted partner by your side. Picture a system where engineers, technicians, and managers work together effortlessly to maintain crucial infrastructure. From monitoring water quality to scheduling equipment maintenance, this software ensures the community receives clean, safe water every day.

Department of Public Works:

In the heart of every city, the Department of Public Works keeps things running smoothly. With Work Order Management Software, their job becomes more manageable and efficient. Imagine a platform where road repairs, waste management, and park maintenance are seamlessly coordinated. This software empowers teams to tackle tasks effectively, improving the quality of life for everyone in the community.

In the hospitality industry. work order software streamlines maintenance and service operations by managing work orders for guest room repairs. facility maintenance. housekeeping tasks. and equipment servicing. Facilitating efficient communication between staff. and service providers.it automates task assignments. tracks progress. schedules preventive maintenance. and generates reports. As a result. hospitality businesses experience improved guest satisfaction.

Government & Public Works
Government agencies benefit significantly from work order software, which centralizes management tasks and enhances maintenance operations. It fosters seamless communication between departments, automates task assignment and tracking, provides real-time status updates, generates reports, and ensures regulatory compliance. Consequently, this results in improved response times, streamlined processes, increased transparency, and efficient resource utilization for maintenance and infrastructure projects.

Churches & Non-Profits
Work order software is invaluable for churches and non-profits in streamlining maintenance and operational tasks. Managing work orders for facility maintenance. equipment repairs. event setup. and volunteer coordination.it facilitates efficient communication among staff. volunteers. and service providers. Features include automating task assignments. tracking progress. scheduling preventive maintenance. managing supplies. and generating reports. resulting in improved facility management. reduced downtime. optimized resource utilization. enhanced stewardship. and efficient coordination of activities.

Energy & Utilities
In the energy and utilities sector. work order software optimizes maintenance and service operations by managing work orders for equipment maintenance. repairs. inspections. and service requests. Facilitating efficient communication among personnel. technicians. and crews.it automates task assignments. tracks progress. schedules preventive maintenance. manages spare parts. and generates reports. Consequently. this results in improved efficiency. reduced downtime. enhanced customer service. cost savings. and effective asset management.

And More..

Discover the transformative power of Work Order Management Software across industries. Whether it’s managing maintenance in hospitals, hotels, or manufacturing plants, this software streamlines operations, reduces costs, and boosts productivity. Optimize your organization’s efficiency and empower your team with our cutting-edge tool; explore our website to witness how it seamlessly streamlines operations across diverse industries.

How Can Work Order Management Software Benefit Our Team?

Work order management software holds immense potential to revolutionize maintenance operations, yet its true value lies in the human element – how we leverage it and the proactive measures we implement. To unlock its full potential and elevate our team’s performance, let’s consider some practical strategies:

Efficiency and Automation
Work order software automates the process, from maintenance requests to scheduling and prioritizing tasks, reducing paperwork and boosting technicians’ productivity.  

Cost Reduction 

Efficient processes lead to cost savings by enabling more maintenance in less time, reducing labor costs, and preventing major breakdowns through early maintenance requests. 

Performance Monitoring 

The system enhances visibility and allows for monitoring asset and technician performance, guiding decision-making for optimized maintenance strategies.

Inventory Control
Work orders help document necessary parts and equipment for maintenance, facilitating inventory management and ensuring timely maintenance without delays.

Continuous Improvement
By analyzing maintenance history and trends, teams can create preventive maintenance schedules that enhance the quality of maintenance over time.

Safety and Compliance
The emphasis on communication and organization in the work order process ensures adherence to safety standards and compliance requirements through consistent documentation.

Revolutionizing Work Order Management for Enhanced Efficiency

eWorkOrders is your comprehensive solution for efficient work order management. By simplifying the complexities of daily maintenance tasks, this software automates recurring work orders, streamlines preventive maintenance processes, improves communication channels, and offers valuable insights for enhancing maintenance programs. Our CMMS empowers manufacturing and maintenance teams to optimize their processes and streamline workflows effectively.  


Work order management software stands as a transformative tool that not only streamlines maintenance operations but also empowers teams to achieve higher levels of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and performance monitoring. By embracing a culture of continuous improvement, clear communication channels, and expertise empowerment, organizations can harness the full potential of this software to drive success in facility management. With features like automation, cost reduction, performance monitoring, inventory control, continuous improvement, safety, and compliance, work order software paves the way for enhanced maintenance practices and sustainable operational excellence. Embracing these strategies alongside work order software will not only optimize maintenance processes but also foster a culture of excellence and innovation within maintenance teams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Work Order Management Software

What is Work Order Management Software?

Work order management software is a maintenance management strategy that enables organizations to efficiently identify needs, create and assign tasks, track progress, and review maintenance histories. This software streamlines maintenance operations by automating tasks, reducing costs, increasing performance, extending asset lifespan, and improving overall efficiency.

What is CMMS work order system?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Work Order serves as a crucial request for equipment repair, restoration, or replacement. Whether scheduled or directly assigned to a technician, these work orders play a vital role in efficient maintenance operations.

How Does Work Order Software Benefit Organizations?

Work order software streamlines workflow processes improves productivity, enhances customer satisfaction, and ensures efficient maintenance operations. It keeps track of orders, enabling businesses to create, assign, prioritize, schedule, and track work orders effectively

What Are the Key Features of Work Order Management Software?

Work order management software is a crucial tool for facilities managers and businesses to efficiently organize work orders for both internal and external clients. This software streamlines the process of planning, scheduling, managing, and completing work orders, leading to improved operational efficiency and cost savings. Key features of work order management software include automated scheduling capabilities to ensure timely maintenance and prevent costly repairs, the ability to monitor work progress and contractor performance, payment processing functionalities for tracking invoices and approvals, and analytics & business intelligence tools for data-driven decision-making, and more. These features enhance communication, streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve overall performance across various industries like facility management, manufacturing, field services, construction, property management, public utilities, fleet management, healthcare institutions, educational institutions, and more

Is eWorkOrders Right for Your Company?

eWorkOrders offers a comprehensive set of features that can benefit your company, including customizable work orders, increased availability and productivity, advanced data security, efficient maintenance scheduling, real-time asset information, cost tracking, preventive maintenance facilitation, improved safety and compliance, enhanced reporting, and customer satisfaction. To determine if eWorkOrders is the right fit for your organization, evaluate how these features align with your company’s maintenance needs. Customers have praised eWorkOrders for its robust functionality, flexibility in configuration, ease of implementation/customization, and exceptional customer/technical support. Reviews highlight the software’s user-friendly interface, outstanding customer support, ease of training and use, customizable features, and cost-effectiveness.  eWorkOrders prioritizes data security through an aggressive cybersecurity program to protect their systems and customer data. The company has implemented a comprehensive cybersecurity program, utilizing a third party, SecurityScorecard, to continuously rate their preparedness in preventing cyber-attacks. 

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