Advantages Of Using CMMS For Inventory Management

The days of managing inventory and spare parts by physically counting each piece and maintaining records on a spreadsheet are becoming a thing of the past.  Real-time inventory information is vital to staying competitive.  Having equipment being down and waiting for spare parts is unproductive and unwanted.  Delaying delivery of customer orders, due to lack of knowledge on what is in inventory, is harmful to a Company’s service reputation.  With a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for Inventory Management, stock counts are accurate, are updated in real-time, and are accessible from any location at any time.  The expense of conducting physical total inventory counts is significantly reduced as partial or rotational tallies are all that are needed to true-up what is in your CMMS inventory module.  Thus, the disruption of materials distribution or projects put on hold because total inventory counts are being taken are now a thing of the past.

What Are the Benefits of CMMS Inventory Management?

Inventory Control

Inventory Management is having the necessary stock and quantity at the right time, place and cost.  A CMMS gives you that control.  Incorporating a CMMS solution into your operations ensures stockroom\warehouse facilities run smoothly and economically.  A CMMS gives users the ability to analyze inventory trends and establish maximum and minimum stock levels, manage vendor costs, and automate processes.  Having this knowledge and these tools will help eliminate unnecessary expenses, and increase productivity.

Accurate Data for Long Term Planning

CMMS inventory management gives users real-time information making it easier for planning maintenance and restocking required items. Looking at preventive maintenance schedules, maintenance managers can make sound business decisions on when equipment needs to be serviced and replacement parts need to be ordered.  Stockroom managers can analyze item activity to better understand the supply and demand dynamics.  Analyzing trends saves money by eliminating overstocked inventory and allowing purchasing to be done at the most opportune time.

Multiple Locations Using One Centralized Database

A CMMS is a centralized web\cloud-based maintenance management system that is accessible from any computer or mobile device from anywhere at any time.  No matter where your inventory is located, users are able to access information easily through the CMMS platform interface.  Information is updated in real-time, so there is no guessing about whether parts or materials are in stock or where they are located.

Inventory – Automation

A CMMS takes the worry out of reordering.  A CMMS can be set up to identify the point at which you need to reorder stock.  When the minimum quantity on hand is reached, a CMMS will automatically generate Purchase Orders for your vendors to replenish your stockroom.  If materials need to be sent back to a vendor, a CMMS is there to handle the job. A CMMS tracks what materials were returned to which vendors, and it automatically updates your inventory levels.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Equipment downtime wastes valuable time and money.  Facility breakdowns are exacerbated by not knowing if parts are in stock.  Valuable time and resources are spent tracking down needed items.  Shutdowns can turn from hours to days and from days to weeks.  A CMMS tracks inventory, stores equipment repair history, tracks trends, and collects other data useful to plant managers.  A CMMS helps properly maintain inventory, set up preventive maintenance schedules to avoid equipment failures, eliminate downtime, control labor costs, and minimize expedited purchases of replacement parts.      

Reduce Costs

By analyzing CMMS data and understanding trends, users will make better business decisions on purchasing inventory, maintaining equipment, and managing vendors.  Keeping accurate supply records per location helps maintenance teams avoid both overstocking and out-of-stock conditions, while improving overall operations and budget expectations.

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