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The Role Of CMMS In Preventive Maintenance (PM)

July 2019

How can implementing a CMMS Preventive Maintenance Plan help:
• Increase Productivity
• Improve Efficiency
• Reduce Expenses
• Decrease Downtime
• Prolong Asset Life
• Improve ROI

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Resort And Casino Empowers Their Team With eWorkOrders CMMS Software Solution

July 2019

Customer Challenge:  Managing a Resort and Casino can be challenging. Their number one priority is their customers. With this goal, comes a lot of tasks that need to be managed and controlled. They were looking for a system that would:

• Help them manage the facility.
• Preventive Maintenance Scheduling.
• Manage and prioritize work orders.
• Keeping the environment safe.
• Manage assets, spare parts, etc.
• Manage labor and expenses.
• Be more organized and prepared for inspections.
• Extensive reporting.
• Easy to use.

Success Solution:  Going through the demonstration, the customer could see how easy it is to use eWorkOrders CMMS software solution. We demonstrated managing all of the tasks they were looking for and introduced them to other features that would help them to better streamline processes and reduce costs.

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Setting Up Standard Operating Procedures – Labeling Equipment

July 2019

What is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)  Labeling Equipment document?

Do you need one?

What is the process for implementing an SOP for Labeling Equipment?

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eWorkOrders CMMS Helps Farmers Manage Assets

July 9, 2019

Customer Challenge:  The customer is a grower, manufacturer, and distributor of all natural fruit butters, preserves, mustards, and barbecues. They were looking for an easy to use system that would help them manage their preventive maintenance, assets and the ability to run detailed reports.

Success Solution:  Our CMMS Account Manager provided a client-focused demonstration on the eWorkOrders CMMS solution. Having other clients in the farming industry, we understood their needs and applications and could easily provide additional recommendations to help them easily track, organize, maintain their assets, vendors, employees, etc. The ability to run detailed reports and maintain real-time dashboards made it easy for our customer to get a full picture of their organization.

Optimize Your Maintenance Department

July 2019

Article: Optimize Your Maintenance Department

Is it time to optimize your Maintenance Department?

Do you need to Streamline Processes and Improve Productivity?

Want to Improve ROI?

If you answered yes to these questions, read about the Warning Signs in this article – then contact us and talk with one of our CMMS Subject Matter Experts and get a free demo! eWorkOrders – 888-333-4617

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