CMMS Software Solves Major Maintenance Problems

Maintenance SoftwareCMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software has proven to be an effective solution for addressing many of the common problems faced by maintenance teams. One of the key ways CMMS software can resolve major maintenance challenges is by improving inventory management.

Inventory Management Challenges Resolved

Inefficient inventory management is a significant problem that leads to numerous issues, such as equipment downtime, excessive spending on expedited parts orders, and difficulty tracking parts usage. CMMS software provides robust inventory control features that can solve these problems:

Parts monitoring: CMMS allows maintenance teams to easily track inventory levels, costs, and locations of spare parts. This visibility prevents stockouts of critical parts.

Low stock alerts: CMMS can automatically notify teams when parts reach minimum stock levels, triggering reorders before shortages occur.

First-in, first-out tracking: CMMS enables maintenance teams to use and budget for parts based on their purchase date, reducing waste from expired or obsolete inventory.

Multi-site organization: CMMS allows teams to see and share spare parts availability across all their facilities, optimizing inventory levels.

Work-associated parts: CMMS can automatically add recommended spare parts to work orders and preventive maintenance tasks, ensuring the right parts are on hand.

Purchasing: CMMS streamlines the purchasing process by creating, sending, and recording digital purchase orders and RFQs.

Other Maintenance Challenges Addressed

In addition to inventory control, CMMS also resolves other critical maintenance challenges, such as:

Improving work order management to ensure no tasks are overlooked

Enhancing preventive maintenance planning to prevent equipment breakdowns

Providing mobile access so technicians can access information in the field

Automating compliance reporting to avoid regulatory penalties

CMMS systems offer advanced reporting capabilities, allowing organizations to track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) across maintenance operations. 


At eWorkOrders, our CMMS solution empowers your maintenance team to drive operational excellence. Our comprehensive platform provides full visibility and data-driven decision-making – from work orders and preventive maintenance to inventory and analytics.

As an essential CMMS partner, eWorkOrders helps you reduce downtime, lower costs, and achieve new levels of efficiency. We’re confident our solution can be truly transformative, equipping your team to overcome challenges and optimize performance..Our mission is to be more than just software – we aim to be a strategic partner in your success. Let’s connect and explore how eWorkOrders can become an indispensable part of your maintenance operations.

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