Building Facilities Lighting Systems Checklist

LightingBuilding lighting systems maintenance is essential to ensure that the lighting system is working optimally and efficiently. A maintenance checklist can help facility managers and maintenance teams keep track of the maintenance tasks that need to be performed regularly. In this article, we present a recommended checklist and valuable suggestions to help you be well-prepared for peak performance. However, the customization of your checklist hinges on several factors:

Scope of Responsibility

Identify the components within your responsibility.

Tailor your checklist to the specific lighting systems and fixtures under your care.

Goals and Objectives

Define specific goals you aim to achieve through preventive maintenance.

Align checklist items with these objectives for targeted and efficient maintenance.

Capabilities and Resources

Evaluate your capabilities, considering tools, equipment, and procedural resources.

Craft your checklist based on what tools and procedures are feasible and available to you.

Basics Lighting System Components

In planning your preventive maintenance schedule, consider the following components:

Lamps or bulbs: Encompassing fluorescent, incandescent, and LEDs.

Ballasts: Responsible for regulating power and brightness.

Housing: Serving to safeguard and shield the lamp.

Lighting controls: Including switches, dimmers, occupancy sensors, and timers.

Additional Components

Reflectors: Parabolic Reflectors, Aluminized Reflectors, Plastic Reflectors, LED-specific Reflectors. 

Diffusers and Lenses: Prismatic Diffusers, Acrylic Lenses, Polycarbonate Diffusers, and Frosted Lenses. 

Mounting Hardware: Ceiling Mounts, Wall Brackets, Pole Mounts.

Wiring and Connections: Electrical Wires, Connectors, Terminals.

Lighting Automation System: Motion Sensors, Timers, Smart Controllers.

Emergency Lighting Systems: Exit Signs, Emergency Lights, Backup Batteries.

Power Supplies: Transformers, LED Drivers, Power Converters.

Control Panels: Wall-mounted Panels, Digital Controls, Touchpads.

Sensors and Detectors: Photocells, Occupancy Sensors, Light Detectors.

Junction Boxes: Plastic Boxes, Metal Boxes, Weatherproof Boxes.

Energy-efficient Components: LED Bulbs, CFL Bulbs, Energy-efficient Ballasts.

Building Lighting Systems Maintenance Checklist Suggestions


Regular Inspection

  • Conduct visual inspections of both interior and exterior lighting fixtures.
  • Check for physical damage, loose connections, or visible wear.

Lamp Functionality

  • Check the functionality of each lamp, including both indoor and outdoor lights.
  • Replace burnt-out or flickering lamps promptly.

Emergency Lighting

  • Test emergency lighting systems for functionality, including outdoor emergency fixtures.
  • Replace batteries in emergency fixtures as needed.


Cleaning and Dusting

  • Clean and dust both interior and exterior lighting fixtures for optimal illumination.
  • Ensure diffusers and lenses are free from dirt or debris.

Wiring and Connections

  • Check wiring and connections for wear or damage, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Tighten or replace any loose or damaged wiring.


Lighting Controls

  • Test lighting controls, including switches and dimmers, for both interior and exterior lights.
  • Verify automated systems respond appropriately.

Ballast and Driver Inspection

  • Inspect ballasts (fluorescent lights) and drivers (LED lights) for damage, covering both indoor and outdoor fixtures.
  • Replace malfunctioning ballasts or drivers.


Lamp Replacement Schedule

  • Refer to the maintenance software’s schedule for both interior and exterior lamps.
  • Proactively replace lamps based on predicted end-of-life dates.

Energy Efficiency Optimization

  • Evaluate the energy efficiency of both interior and exterior lighting systems.
  • Consider upgrades for enhanced efficiency.

Safety Exit Signs

  • Inspect and test illuminated exit signs, covering both interior and exterior signs.
  • Ensure signs are visible and unobstructed.

Documentation and Records

  • Maintain records of maintenance and lamp replacements for both interior and exterior lighting.
  • Document issues, repairs, or upgrades for reference.

Training and Communication

  • Provide training on basic lighting system maintenance for both indoor and outdoor fixtures.
  • Establish clear communication channels for issue reporting.

Emergency Response Plan

  • Review and update the emergency response plan, considering both indoor and outdoor lighting systems.
  • Ensure personnel know procedures for urgent issues related to both areas.

Vendor and Service Agreements

  • Review agreements for ongoing maintenance, covering both interior and exterior lighting.
  • Schedule routine professional inspections as per contracts for all lighting fixtures.

Regularly conducting this comprehensive checklist at specified intervals will contribute to the efficient operation, safety, and longevity of both indoor and outdoor building lighting systems. Adjust the frequency of inspections based on your facility’s specific needs and usage patterns.

Optimizing Lighting Maintenance with CMMS

Incorporating a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) into your facility management practices can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your lighting system maintenance. CMMS allows for seamless integration of checklists, work orders, and asset management, streamlining the entire maintenance process. With CMMS, managers can effortlessly schedule and track routine inspections, monitor the status of work orders, and ensure timely replacements of lamps or components based on the maintenance schedule. This digital approach not only reduces paperwork but also provides real-time insights into the overall health of your lighting infrastructure. By leveraging the power of CMMS, organizations can achieve a proactive and organized approach to lighting system maintenance, leading to increased operational reliability and reduced downtime.

Note:  For more detailed lists, visit the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) website.

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Disclaimer: The checklist provided above is intended as a set of recommendations for lighting preventive maintenance. Users are strongly encouraged to customize the checklist based on their specific responsibilities, goals, and available resources. It is essential to consult with relevant authorities, professionals, or industry experts to ensure that the customized checklist aligns with industry standards and specific organizational needs. This checklist is not exhaustive, and users should diligently adapt it to their unique circumstances.

Note: The recommendations provided in this checklist offer general recommendations for tools management. It is important to note that the list contains suggested considerations when creating your own checklist.

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