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Optimizing Healthcare Maintenance With CMMS/EAM Software

March 2023

Healthcare maintenance management can be a matter of life and death, as neglecting equipment and facilities can result in citations, lawsuits, and even loss of human life. The use of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or enterprise asset management (EAM) software is crucial in streamlining healthcare maintenance management. By managing assets, equipment, facilities, spare parts, procedures, schedules, and more, healthcare organizations can prevent unplanned outages and enhance the reliability of critical assets, which ultimately ensures that patients receive prompt and adequate treatment.

For example, defibrillators need to be maintained regularly to restore a person’s heartbeat in emergency situations. CMMS software can track the maintenance schedules of defibrillators, send alerts when replacements are due, and issue work orders automatically to carry out the necessary tasks. Besides streamlining work orders and maintenance schedules, healthcare facilities benefit from the centralized database of CMMS software, which allows for easy access to standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to equipment sanitation and cleaning. The details of each piece of equipment, including purchase date, manufacturer’s recommendations, warranties, repair history, and more, can be stored in the database.

Benefits of Healthcare CMMS/EAM software

Our CMMS/EAM software provides healthcare maintenance management with numerous benefits, including:

Efficient Management of Maintenance Operations: CMMS software can help healthcare facilities streamline their maintenance operations. It allows for easy tracking of maintenance tasks, inventory, spare parts, and more, making it easier to manage maintenance tasks effectively.

Proactive Maintenance: CMMS enables healthcare facilities to shift from a reactive maintenance strategy to a proactive one. The software allows preventive maintenance scheduling and stores all relevant data, enabling healthcare facilities to make informed decisions about their maintenance strategy based on actual data.

Improved Equipment Reliability and Safety: CMMS can help healthcare facilities keep equipment and facilities in peak operating condition. By regularly monitoring equipment and performing preventive maintenance, CMMS can help reduce the likelihood of equipment malfunctions, increasing reliability and overall safety.

Simplifying Regulatory Compliance with CMMS Software: CMMS centralized database stores all of your detailed information that is needed to comply with governing agencies’ regulations. Data is organized and can be easily retrieved for reporting purposes, audits, and inspections.

Data-Driven Decision Making: CMMS software reporting features enable management to make data-driven decisions relating to equipment repair or replacement. The data stored in CMMS can provide valuable insights into equipment performance, maintenance trends, and more, enabling healthcare facilities to make informed decisions about their maintenance strategy.

Final Thoughts

The use of CMMS software in healthcare maintenance management provides numerous benefits, including proactive maintenance scheduling, enhanced reliability and safety, regulatory compliance, and data-driven decision-making. By implementing CMMS software, healthcare facilities can improve their maintenance operations, reduce downtime, and ensure that patients receive the highest level of care. Moreover, the organized data storage and tracking capabilities of CMMS software make it easier to comply with regulatory standards and to prepare for audits and inspections. Overall, investing in a robust CMMS software solution can help healthcare facilities optimize their maintenance strategy, improve asset management, and increase patient safety and satisfaction.

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