Web Based CMMS Benefits & Features

No Need to Balance Time and Money, with

eWorkOrders Web-Based CMMS Solution You’ll Save Both!

Save Time and Money with a Web Based CMMS

eWorkOrders easy-to-use CMMS software empowers businesses to organize their maintenance departments and company assets. Our software is accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer; so you can manage work orders, input service requests and more from any of the locations under your command. Manage your facilities from anywhere with eWorkOrders.

Work Orders

  • Meeting the important demands of your customers while keeping things running smoothly is challenging enough.  Throw in thousands of work orders randomly floating around your service department and things can quickly become overwhelming.  That’s where eWorkOrders comes to the rescue.  Our software is the most powerful, cutting-edge, user-friendly work order management tool on the market.  We integrate our software with your smartphones, tablets, and desktops on almost every kind of operating system known to mankind.  Android?  iPhone?  Windows?  Linux?  Mac?  Unix?  Yeah… we handle all of them with no problems.

Equipment & Assets

  • With so many things to maintain, simply locating them is sometimes the most challenging part.  When you finally find it, are you going to have the information you need to work on it?  That’s no problem for us.   eWorkOrders integrates with your smartphone’s GPS and tells you exactly where to go to find what you are looking for.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s why we let you take as many pictures as you like and attach them to any asset.  This way you literally see what you are looking for.  You can easily link to websites and user manuals with our software.  You will have all the information you need about your asset at your fingertips whether you are out in the field or back in the office.Public Utility Testimonial

Scheduled Work & Preventive Maintenance

  • Do you have routine inspections and preventive maintenance to get done?  Not only can you schedule it with our software, but you can easily load balance your work so that you don’t get too much work in one month and not enough in another.  You can coordinate your material orders with your preventive maintenance orders so that you are not pulling stock from the stockroom, but having it delivered directly from the vendor onto your job.  Why pay all that extra money to house material in your stockroom for preventive maintenance work, when you can be putting that money to better use somewhere else?

Customers / Service Requesters

  • Keep track of who your customers are and give them a front end to interact with your service department.  They can order your different services and you can auto-assign workers and notify facilitators based on the type of service and/or location of the work.  With the flick of a switch, you can empower them to fill out surveys telling you how great your people really are!


  • Whether or not you have a stockroom, we can track and organize all your materials and their costs.  You can easily place spot buy orders to your vendors, which get delivered directly to your specific work order.  You can pre-schedule and coordinate your spot buy orders so that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you need to change hundreds of v-belts or filters.  You set up your orders once.  They will automatically generate when you want them to, before you create your preventive maintenance work orders.
  • If you have one stockroom or ten, we handle that too, you select your accounting method, your max and mins, and your counting schedules easily with our software. Auto-generate purchase orders to fill your inventory needs.  If you like to do a yearly count on everything, you won’t need to shut down the stockroom. When you count your stock with a tablet or smartphone, it instantly updates the database with a date and time stamp.  The workers can be pulling stock from your stockroom at the same time that the bean counters are out there counting away.


  • Did we mention that our software is user-friendly?  How user-friendly?  So user-friendly that we have had many users with no computer experience using eWorkOrders in no time.  You can easily assign workers to multiple work orders at once and they can instantly see it on their smartphones out in the field.  The workers have their own special menus and programs designed just for them.  They will not have to navigate through the minutia of menu items they are never going to use because you can control exactly what goes on their menus.  Workers can pull up their work calendars too if they so like.  You can even pull up a road map with all the work orders that need to be performed for that day and easily figure out a route to take, to get them all done.
  • We also track your labor estimates, actual hours and labor costs too.  Our software will improve the quality of life and productivity of your staff and workers.  It will be easier for managers to justify the need for their employees and, if necessary, easier to demonstrate the need to hire more staff.  This software will help protect the job of every honest, hardworking employee in your service department.


  • Track your vendors and their insurance certificates.  You can easily buy items from them to go directly onto your work orders, or to simply fill up the maxes on your stockroom items.  You can easily check out how much money you are spending on each vendor too, so you can better negotiate with them.

Regulatory Compliance

  • >Maintain up-to-date accurate information and documents on company assets in a centralized location to be compliant with company, state and federal regulations.
  • eWorkOrders makes compliance easily traceable for audits.


  • We handle meter readings and electronic signature captures.  We handle document uploads and we have zillions of reports that you can browse through and select which you like.  Feel free to contact us for a free demo.  We love to show off our software.

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