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Client Urgently Needed Mobile Signature Capture Capabilities for Tracking Equipment Repairs

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  One of our technical specialists received an urgent request from one of our manufacturing clients. 

Their maintenance department was having trouble tracking who was dropping off and picking up equipment for repair.  They needed to be able to use their mobile devices to capture the signatures of both the customer dropping off the equipment and the worker accepting the equipment.  They also wanted to use a similar procedure when the equipment was returned.  This would help them identify and hold accountable anyone involved with handling the equipment.  It was also important to track when it was dropped off and picked up.   Our customer needed this immediately.  Our technical specialist was able to accommodate them and help them set this up right away.  They had this up and running within a few minutes!

Successful Solution:  Having multiple different types of sign-offs on a work order is just one of the many features that the eWorkOrders CMMS solution provides.  

Another happy customer!

Hospitality Group Looking For Easy-To-Use CMMS Solution That Will Grow With Their Expanding Business

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  Provided a demo to a hospitality group that just purchased another facility and were exploring new options for managing their maintenance department.  Although they do have a system in their one facility that was managed by their IT department, they were looking to see if there was a more efficient and easier way to manage their work orders, preventive maintenance and inventory supplies for their multiple buildings in other locations.

Success Solution:  eWorkOrders gave them the ability to view and easily close out work orders from a computer or mobile device which would make things a lot easier for their maintenance department.   Because of the different levels of people putting in work orders, they were impressed with the user-friendly interface, very easy to use modules and robust features.  Another attractive feature to them was the fact that the system is very flexible and as they continue to grow and add new facilities, the eWorkOrders CMMS software application would easily grow with them.

Special Need for an Automated Documentation Solution with a Pharmaceutical Client

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  Recently a pharmaceutical client was looking to further automate the processes they use for documenting completed preventive maintenance work orders.  They want to maintain printed records of all closed preventive maintenance work orders.  Currently, the technicians use their electronic list of work orders and just check off which ones were completed. 

Success Solution:  We customized this page for the client so that not only do the work orders get instantly closed out in bulk, but any preventive maintenance work orders automatically get printed at the same time.

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