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Food & Beverage Industry Uses eWorkOrders CMMS Software to Comply With FDA Regulations

April 2019

Customer Challenge:

Food and Beverage manufacturers must deal with a wide range of regulations regarding food safety. Along with the policies and procedures that vary from country to country. In the United States, manufacturers are subject to USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) regulations and those of the FDA, and more. Keeping accurate information is a must!

Success Solution

A feature-rich Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution provides the tools to help manage maintenance programs, maximize the life of assets, reduce equipment downtime, manage documentation, control processes, assist with audits and provide audit trails. It also helps organizations adhere to strict health and safety compliance regulations, all while managing and controlling costs.

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CMMS Makes Facilities and Production Management Easy for Flooring Manufacturer

April 2019

Customer Challenge: The manufacturer of a wood flooring company was looking for a software solution to help manage their facilities and production equipment. Inventory reporting was extremely important. Service Requests needed to be entered online and must be able to create and manage work orders from a Smartphone or tablet.

Success Solution:  We demonstrated the flexibility of our software and how easy it is to adapt to their workflow and their terminology.

• They were really impressed with the ability to manage Service Requests, Work Orders, Inventory and their Preventive Maintenance program through one centralize CMMS database that was updated in real-time and accessible from anywhere.
• Among the hundreds of reports, we have a library of over 40 inventory reports that can filter their data to meet their needs.
• Customized dashboards can be created to constantly see the real-time status of work orders.
• Technicians can snap pictures in the field and attach them to the work orders right from their mobile device.
• With real-time updates, access to inventory, pertinent documents, and historical information is always available to anyone from anywhere.

Airport Integrates and Optimizes CMMS Solution with Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology

Customer Challenge:  Managing work orders, assets, inventory and preventive maintenance are the standard features that this customer was looking for. Their biggest challenge was preparing for scheduled and unscheduled audits and inspections. From Part 139 certification, USA annual audits and AZA audits, they had to make sure that information was accurately captured and easily accessed through one system at any time.

Success Solution:  The customer was excited about our standard offer and very impressed with the ability to integrate Geographic Information System (GIS) technology into the eWorkOrders CMMS solution. We demonstrated our checklist module which could be built to help them prepare for their airfield inspections. We also demonstrated a custom Airfield Inspections Module that we had designed for previous customers, which could easily be modified to meet their needs. Using either of these modules would help them meet their FAA Part 139 compliance as well as the audit and inspection requirements, Through our reporting module, they would have access to hundreds of reports with the ability to filter the information to meet your needs.


Why CMMS for Preventive Maintenance!

Article   Role of CMMS in Preventive Maintenance

• Is your maintenance department working in a reactive mode?
• Are you spending hundreds of dollars waiting for equipment to be repaired?
• Are you losing business because of equipment breakdown?
• Are your technician’s wasting a lot of time looking for spare parts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution.

Everyone knows that having a preventive maintenance plan increases the lifespan of the equipment and minimizes downtime. But what effect does incorporating a CMMS solution have on your bottom line?

Read more about the advantages of implementing a CMMS solution into your preventive maintenance plan and how it can improve equipment lifespan, productivity and reduce costs.  Click here to read more about the Role of CMMS in Preventive Maintenance.

Manufacturer Leaves the White Board Behind for a CMMS Solution

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  A global manufacturer of automotive systems, modules, and components was looking to upgrade from their current way of doing business to a web-based solution. Managing inventory on a whiteboard and work orders using slips of paper was not working. Team communications are done through two-way radios. Their CMMS requirements:

• Manage Preventive Maintenance Scheduling and Calendars.
• Preparing for inspections and audits.
• Manage Work Orders.
• Inventory Management of Spare Parts.
• Accurate reporting of downtime, labor hours, etc.
• Improve Communications.

Success Solution:  With eWorkOrders CMMS solution, the customer could throw away the whiteboard and sticky notes. We demonstrated our user-friendly software and how easy it was to organize work, document processes, track labor hours, generate reports, be prepared for audits and inspections and a lot more.
Our customer would be able to:

Preventive Maintenance Management: With our PM module and interactive calendar, they would be able to view and schedule preventive maintenance that is convenient with their schedules.
• Prepare for Audits and Inspections: Detailed information is stored in the database with the ability to run reports and filters to accommodate user requests in real-time.
Work Order Management: Create, view and manage work orders from a computer or mobile device.
Inventory\Spare Parts Management: Keep track of inventory levels, manufacturer product information, parts and part numbers and a whole lot more.
• Asset History: All of the asset history stored in one centralized location and can be managed from a computer or mobile device.

Leveraging the power of an eWorkOrders CMMS solution strengthens communications, improves productivity, increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Non-Profit Simplifies Their Facilities Management With eWorkOrders CMMS

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  A non-profit company managing a community of apartments, offices and programs, was looking for an affordable, efficient way to streamline and improve facilities maintenance processes. A few of the features that they were interested in include:
• Being prepared for monthly inspections.
• Work Orders
• Interactive Checklists
• Technical Support
• Reports (would like work order to invoice)
• Mobile Access

Success Solution:  We demonstrated how eWorkOrders CMMS solution links people, places and things through our centralized database for their maintenance and operations teams. Highlights from our demonstration included:
• Information is updated in real-time.
• Create, manage organize and prioritize work orders.
• Running detailed filtered reports for inspections.
• Ability to easily create, view and prioritize work orders.
• Interactive checklists and the capability to generate work orders instantly for the ones that fail.
• Technical Support, Recorded Training Session, Videos and On-Line Help are included in the subscription.
• Access to hundreds of reports.
• Work Order Invoice Report includes costs and credits for labor, spot buys and returns and inventory orders and returns, which could be filtered to meet their specifications.
• The demonstration included walking the customer through the computer and mobile device modules.

The customer felt that this was exactly what they were looking for to help them stay on top of critical tasks and keeping facilities running in excellent condition. Being a non-profit organization, they felt that the software was very affordable and a great fit for their operations team.

Food Manufacturer Takes Control of Work Orders with CMMS

April 2019

Customer Challenge: Food manufacturer needs to get better control of work orders:

• Who is responsible for the work.
• What work was done.
• How long it took each tech.
• Length of time the equipment was down.
• View the complete list of work orders and history at any time.
• Needs documentation storage for manuals, pictures, etc.
• Very limited budget.

Success Solution: Our basic offer provided them with an extensive set of features that exceeded their expectations and was well within their budget. Having additional features, they were able to go back and streamline other processes without incurring additional costs. Our software is flexible and as the company or organization grows, it is very easy to add on new features to accommodate their expansion. Some of the major features we addressed included:

• Viewing the complete history of work orders.
• Capturing tech and vendor time and expenses.
• Setting permissions for viewing or accessing work orders.
• Setting permissions for approvals.
• Maintaining and accessing vendor information and pricing.
• Handing spot buys.
• Handing inspection checklists.
• Setting up preventive maintenance schedules.

Mobile Access a Must for Property Management!

April 2019

Customer Challenge:
A property management company came to us wanting to replace their current maintenance management system. Trying to manage service requests and close out work orders with no mobile access was becoming time-consuming. Besides the techs needing access, they have a hand full of vendors who also need permission to go in and update information. The applications that they wanted were: Asset Management, Preventive Maintenance, Work Order Management, Document picture storage and Management. It was very important to have the ability to run detailed reports.

Success Solution:
Having mobile access was critical.  Demonstrating our application through our mobile screen view, the customer was able to see that creating and closing work orders was effortless. Focusing on the customers’ needs, we walked through other features that:

• Different request screens for residents and managers.
• Details and functions of the work orders, maintenance, assets and inventory modules.
• Scheduling of preventive maintenance through the module and our interactive calendar.
• Document Management module and the ability to upload documents, manuals, pictures, etc.
• Management of employee labor hours and expenses.
• Vendor Management of time and supplies.
• Email alerts.
• Accessing and downloading our comprehensive list of reports.
• Creation of dashboards.

The account manager doing the demonstration was able to show the customer some additional features in our standard package that would further help him optimize his maintenance operations and reduce costs.


Agriculture Company Finds Maintenance Management and Tracking Maintenance KPIs Easy with eWorkOrders

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  One of the largest agriculture growers in the US came to us looking for a system that would consolidate all of their information and keep track of all of their assets. It was important to be able to store manuals, documents, and pictures in one location that is easy to use. With their current process of using spreadsheets to manage their tools inventory, they had no way of knowing what and when tools were taken out of inventory, who took the tools out and if and when they would be returned. Keeping accurate track of equipment downtime is extremely critical because this impacts their bottom line. They want to share the database with two other departments but want to control the information that each department is viewing. For example, in his maintenance department, he doesn’t need to see the inventory for the grower’s department.

Success Solution:  

• With the eWorkOrders CMMS solution, all of the information is stored in one centralized location.
• Working with real-time information, work orders and schedules can be viewed, generated, prioritized or changed at any time.
• Manuals, documents, pictures and other information can be updated and viewed from a computer or mobile device.
• Work Orders can include checklists to ensure that routine tasks are completed.
• Monitoring the tools inventory, identifying the responsible person and showing inventory levels can be done through various methods within our system.
• One of our hundreds of reports will provide you with a calculation for the Mean Time to Repair and Mean Time Between Failures.
• Through reports and dashboards, users can set up and review the status of work orders and access other metrics in real-time.
• The centralized database can be shared with other departments, with controlled access through set permissions.

The customer liked the idea that eWorkOrders CMMS standard solution is more than sufficient to meet their needs today, and is flexible and highly scalable to meet their future growth.

Controlling Maintenance Operations and Costs Within a Zoo

April 2019:

Customer Challenge:  This Zoo owner came to us looking for an automated system to help manage the maintenance operations of their buildings and exhibits. Their current process using handwritten service requests was a disaster. With multiple people using the centralized spreadsheet, keeping accurate track of assets and audit trails was very difficult. Having a system to store and manage vendor information and expenses would help them control costs. Being able to identify and respond to safety issues is always a concern. They wanted a user-friendly and cost-effective solution. Upper management wanted the ability to run very detailed reports. At any time, he wanted to be able to view and get a status on all of their work orders. In an attempt to reduce errors, they wanted to enter data only once into the system. As they get comfortable with the system, they wanted the system to grow with them.

Successful Solution:  We demonstrated our basic offer to this customer, along with some features that would accommodate their future growth. Through our experience working with zoos, we were able to recommend some additional tips that helped them understand the benefits of using a CMMS solution. Our discussion included:

• Demonstration of our user-friendly interface.
• Ease of managing data from a computer or mobile device.
• Storing and accessing documents, manuals, photos, etc.
• Process for tagging information and preparing for audits such as AZA, USDA, etc.
• Ability to store and track vendor information, products and costs.
• Process for creating vendor purchase orders and managing vendor invoices.
• CMMS – GIS tracking the location of zoo assets.
• Hundreds of standard reports are available.
• We will work with them to customize any special reports.
• View detailed information on work orders through:
o Work Order Management View.
o Run Reports.
o Customize a Dashboard.
• Enter data once with the ability to download or run reports.
• View real-time data.


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