Food Manufacturer Takes Control of Work Orders with CMMS

April 2019

Customer Challenge: Food manufacturer needs to get better control of work orders:

• Who is responsible for the work.
• What work was done.
• How long it took each tech.
• Length of time the equipment was down.
• View the complete list of work orders and history at any time.
• Needs documentation storage for manuals, pictures, etc.
• Very limited budget.

Success Solution: Our basic offer provided them with an extensive set of features that exceeded their expectations and was well within their budget. Having additional features, they were able to go back and streamline other processes without incurring additional costs. Our software is flexible and as the company or organization grows, it is very easy to add on new features to accommodate their expansion. Some of the major features we addressed included:

• Viewing the complete history of work orders.
• Capturing tech and vendor time and expenses.
• Setting permissions for viewing or accessing work orders.
• Setting permissions for approvals.
• Maintaining and accessing vendor information and pricing.
• Handing spot buys.
• Handing inspection checklists.
• Setting up preventive maintenance schedules.

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