Non-Profit Simplifies Their Facilities Management With eWorkOrders CMMS

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  A non-profit company managing a community of apartments, offices and programs, was looking for an affordable, efficient way to streamline and improve facilities maintenance processes. A few of the features that they were interested in include:
• Being prepared for monthly inspections.
• Work Orders
• Interactive Checklists
• Technical Support
• Reports (would like work order to invoice)
• Mobile Access

Success Solution:  We demonstrated how eWorkOrders CMMS solution links people, places and things through our centralized database for their maintenance and operations teams. Highlights from our demonstration included:
• Information is updated in real-time.
• Create, manage organize and prioritize work orders.
• Running detailed filtered reports for inspections.
• Ability to easily create, view and prioritize work orders.
• Interactive checklists and the capability to generate work orders instantly for the ones that fail.
• Technical Support, Recorded Training Session, Videos and On-Line Help are included in the subscription.
• Access to hundreds of reports.
• Work Order Invoice Report includes costs and credits for labor, spot buys and returns and inventory orders and returns, which could be filtered to meet their specifications.
• The demonstration included walking the customer through the computer and mobile device modules.

The customer felt that this was exactly what they were looking for to help them stay on top of critical tasks and keeping facilities running in excellent condition. Being a non-profit organization, they felt that the software was very affordable and a great fit for their operations team.

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