Manufacturer Leaves the White Board Behind for a CMMS Solution

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  A global manufacturer of automotive systems, modules, and components was looking to upgrade from their current way of doing business to a web-based solution. Managing inventory on a whiteboard and work orders using slips of paper was not working. Team communications are done through two-way radios. Their CMMS requirements:

• Manage Preventive Maintenance Scheduling and Calendars.
• Preparing for inspections and audits.
• Manage Work Orders.
• Inventory Management of Spare Parts.
• Accurate reporting of downtime, labor hours, etc.
• Improve Communications.

Success Solution:  With eWorkOrders CMMS solution, the customer could throw away the whiteboard and sticky notes. We demonstrated our user-friendly software and how easy it was to organize work, document processes, track labor hours, generate reports, be prepared for audits and inspections and a lot more.
Our customer would be able to:

Preventive Maintenance Management: With our PM module and interactive calendar, they would be able to view and schedule preventive maintenance that is convenient with their schedules.
• Prepare for Audits and Inspections: Detailed information is stored in the database with the ability to run reports and filters to accommodate user requests in real-time.
Work Order Management: Create, view and manage work orders from a computer or mobile device.
Inventory\Spare Parts Management: Keep track of inventory levels, manufacturer product information, parts and part numbers and a whole lot more.
• Asset History: All of the asset history stored in one centralized location and can be managed from a computer or mobile device.

Leveraging the power of an eWorkOrders CMMS solution strengthens communications, improves productivity, increases efficiency and reduces costs.

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