Agriculture Company Finds Maintenance Management and Tracking Maintenance KPIs Easy with eWorkOrders

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  One of the largest agriculture growers in the US came to us looking for a system that would consolidate all of their information and keep track of all of their assets. It was important to be able to store manuals, documents, and pictures in one location that is easy to use. With their current process of using spreadsheets to manage their tools inventory, they had no way of knowing what and when tools were taken out of inventory, who took the tools out and if and when they would be returned. Keeping accurate track of equipment downtime is extremely critical because this impacts their bottom line. They want to share the database with two other departments but want to control the information that each department is viewing. For example, in his maintenance department, he doesn’t need to see the inventory for the grower’s department.

Success Solution:  

• With the eWorkOrders CMMS solution, all of the information is stored in one centralized location.
• Working with real-time information, work orders and schedules can be viewed, generated, prioritized or changed at any time.
• Manuals, documents, pictures and other information can be updated and viewed from a computer or mobile device.
• Work Orders can include checklists to ensure that routine tasks are completed.
• Monitoring the tools inventory, identifying the responsible person and showing inventory levels can be done through various methods within our system.
• One of our hundreds of reports will provide you with a calculation for the Mean Time to Repair and Mean Time Between Failures.
• Through reports and dashboards, users can set up and review the status of work orders and access other metrics in real-time.
• The centralized database can be shared with other departments, with controlled access through set permissions.

The customer liked the idea that eWorkOrders CMMS standard solution is more than sufficient to meet their needs today, and is flexible and highly scalable to meet their future growth.

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